Try our Ireland Landmarks Quiz, and Enjoy a Visual Irish Experience!

Welcome!  We are delighted to introduce you to the Ireland Landmarks quiz from Irish Expressions!

Play it on your own to test your knowledge and see how you compare with others who have gone before...

OR play it in groups, by setting up a contest with friends! 

Offer a prize to the individual or team with the highest score!

However you play, this quiz will teach you about Ireland while giving you a fun, free way to express your Irish side, wherever you happen to be.

If you don't like your results the first time around, never fear, the answers to each question can be found somewhere on this site!

And you can play as many as three times, improving your score with each round! 

Shall We Give it a Try?

So - How Did You Do on Our Ireland Landmarks Quiz?

8 out of 10 correct is a sign of a well-developed Irish side!

5-7 correct is pretty good!  You are probably the life of the party on St Patricks Day!

A score of 0-4 means you should probably brush up on your knowledge of the Emerald Isle!  Keep exploring to discover many, ways to express your own Irish side, wherever you are in the world!



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