Irish Customs: Express your Irish Side With Fun and Meaningful Irish Traditions

Bringing Irish customs into our day to day lives is one of the best ways to express our passion for Irish culture. We use them to enhance our holiday celebrations, birthday parties, weddings, dinner occasions and more.

This section will just barely scratch the surface!  Many customs of Ireland can be found on the pages of Irish, so make sure to enjoy this article - then check out the links the bottom for much, much more.

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Galway arts festival.  Image by Peter Clark.  Wikimedia Commons

An Irish Wedding

The special nature of an Irish Wedding begins with the chosen wedding date. Traditionally the Irish favor certain months over others, with one in particular being "off limits." Do you know which one? Visit our page on Irish Weddings to find out!

An Irish Christmas

Christmas in Ireland is in many ways similar to other parts of the world. But there are many unique customs and traditions that make this wonderful holiday uniquely Irish

For example, in pagan tradition the tree would have been decorated with objects that were lunar in nature such as stars, moon and sun. Today's tree is decorated with tinsel, lights, referred to as fairy lights and other shiny decorations.

Topped with either a star or an angel, the tree is set up the first day of Advent and remain there at least until January 6th. If taken down earlier, expect bad luck.

For much more, visit our page on Irish Christmas Traditions.

An Irish Easter

For hundreds of years the custom of "spring cleaning" has taken place in many Irish households. This was done in preparation for the blessing of the house by the local priest.

On Good Friday no outdoor work should take place as it a day of preparation and rest for Easter Sunday. Confessions are customarily held on Good Friday as well.

Cleansing of the home, the soul and the spirit are all traditional customs of Ireland.  And they are all part of the uniquely Irish approach to Easter.

Want to know more?  Visit our page on Irish Easter Traditions.

An Irish Birthday

Because we Irish have such a reputation for being able to throw a good party, it may come as something of a surprise to learn that there are only a few unique Irish customs associated with birthdays (at least that we know of!)

But these few are worth knowing about!  Ever heard of a birthday bump?  How about 'nose buttering?'  We share these traditions and more in our section on Irish Birthday Traditions.

An Irish Meal

Traditional Irish cooking is based on the ingredients that grow and thrive on the Emerald Isle.  Much of the Irish diet is very simple, basic and hearty, built around vegetables, meats and the humble potato. 

We LOVE expressing our Irish side through food. See what we mean by visiting our recipes section here!

An Irish Song

Another personal, and sometimes emotional, way to express your Irish side is to sing an Irish folk song.  Visit a local Irish pub, look up Danny Boy or The Sick Note on Utube, play a Celtic Storm CD - however you do it - sing along!

If you would like to know more about this unique musical Irish custom, have a look at Irish folk songs!

An Irish Holiday

The Republic of Ireland has 9 national holidays - each with its own customs and traditions.  Some of them will look familiar to those of us who live in other countries, and some are unique to the Emerald Isle.

The most famous of these holidays is, of course, the world-renowned St Patrick's Day.  For tips on how to enjoy this quintessentially Irish custom, visit us here!

Then check out Irish Holidays for more examples of Irish holiday customs.

Here's How to Find Even More Irish Customs

This entire website is a celebration of Irish culture and customs.  What makes us different is we focus on helping our visitors express their own individual 'Irish side.'

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