Quiz:  How Well Do You Know Your Irish Food?

Fair warning - this quiz has been scientifically proven to cause extreme hunger!

Once again there is a time limit to keep things interesting.  You can play up to three times and compare your scores!

All answer choices are pictures, so you get a visual 'flavor' for Ireland as you test your knowledge of Irish food.

Participate and enjoy for free!  If you would like to see how you stack up against others who play the quiz, you will have the opportunity to enter contact information to receive your results at the end.

Shall we play?

So ... How Did You Do?

If you got 8 or more of the questions correct - congratulations!  You are a pro at expressing your Irish side through food!

If you answered 6-7 questions correctly, you are well on your way!  Brush up on your knowledge below, and then take the quiz again if you like (you can enjoy it as often as you want).

If you answered 5 or fewer questions correctly - well, you have definitely come to the right place! :-)

Want More?

We hope you enjoyed playing "How Well Do You Know Your Irish Food?"

As we said, you can take the quiz up to three times.  Take note of any questions you missed... the answers can be found somewhere in our section on Irish Recipes!

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