101 Reasons to Love Ireland - And to Share Your Irish Side with Others!

At Irish Expressions, we love Ireland.  And we're guessing you do too!

We built this page in response to a challenge - to identify 101 reasons to be proud of our Irish heritage, and to share that pride with others.

Join us!  Let's reach this goal together!  Just follow the simple instructions below.

Love Ireland - Castle Driveway

How Does the Love Ireland Challenge Work?

Recently a friend of mine challenged me to name 10 things that I love about Ireland.  It took me all of about 6 seconds to answer the question...

Then she said "you know ... you should write a blog about that!"

Uh... yeah!

I immediately agreed to post at least one reason per week.  And 101 Reasons to Love Ireland (and express your Irish side) was born!

How long will it take to get to 101?  Let's see, add six times the square root of pi, carry the 1...  Looks like I'll be at it for about a year!  But you know what would make this even more fun?

If we did it together...

So ... Why do YOU love Ireland?

Share your reason(s) with us! We'll post them here on Irish Expressions (if you want us to), to remind the entire community why we do what we do!

Meanwhile, we just might hit our goal of 101 Reasons to Love Ireland!

How do you get started? It's easy! Just follow the instructions below.

First, think of a great title for your submission and type it here...

That Was Fun!  How Can I Learn More About Irish Expressions?

I'm so glad you asked! Irish Expressions is all about sharing your Irish side with others.

You can get started on that journey by visiting our home page at Irish-Expressions.com!

In the meantime, thank you for participating in the Love Ireland challenge (if you did). 

Even if you didn't contribute this time, we hope you will continue enjoy the contributions of our members, and visit other pages on this site.

As you explore Irish Expressions, please take a moment to share your feedback using the comment boxes at the bottom of each page. 

Or send us an email using our contact form here

Make sure you register for our monthly newsletter (upper right corner of this page) to get regular updates and great ideas sent directly to you! 

It's as simple as entering your email address - we'll do the rest!

And finally, thank you so much for visiting!  We hope you will choose to continue  exploring Irish culture and traditions, and sharing your Irish side with your friends at Irish Expressions.com!



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