Gaelic Storm Music: Lose Yourself in the Sound that Brings People Together!

When I think of Gaelic Storm music, I recall sitting in a small pub near a fire, sipping a pint, listening to amazing music being played, while outside the wind whips and the rain pours down.

This special group creates a feeling of bringing people together through music.  We forget our worries and lose ourselves in sound, tapping our feet to the pipes, strings and drums.

Gaelic Storm.  Image by Lost Albatross.

There is a romanticism to Irish music as performed by Gaelic Storm. It journeys across time telling stories of love, heroes, and loss.

However, there is no doubt of the influence of pop and rock genres as well.

This adds to the appeal of this wonderful group, as their music transcends cultures.

Where Does Gaelic Storm Music Come From?

The five members of the group come from Ireland, America, England and Canada.

The mix of the Celtic traditional music with the American new sound is their hallmark, blending bag pipes, an accordion, whistles, violin and guitar. The music they create is both poignant and fun.

Gaelic Storm is known for drinking songs, a tradition of Irish music, in fact, it is known a few of their songs have even been written while attending festivities of their own.

While the group already had a growing audience of their own, they exploded after their appearance in James Cameron’s movie Titanic.

The scene in which they are featured playing their fabulous music, is a good representation of the fun and good times their music and playing creates.

Who Are the Artists?

Patrick Murphy, one half of the bands original members, is an amazing storyteller, accordion player and vocalist.

Steven Miller, the other half, is the fabulous guitarist, vocalist and primary lyricist.

There is nothing quite like watching Jessie Burns completely let loose and rock her violin.

The facial expressions, the intensity of which she plays is contagious it is impossible to not feel the passion of the music being played.

The pipes and whistles are magically played by Peter Purvis. The addition of these instruments are a major part of what makes Gaelic Storm music well, Gaelic Storm music.

Bagpipes are a unique instrument as are whistlers and the accordion, to have all played so well in one group is a treat within itself.

Ryan Lacey keeps the beat beautifully, moving people to the dance floor.

The sense of companionship between them is obvious in their playing together and the music they create.

Their performance is intimate, creative, traditional, new.

It transcends time and generations, brings cultures together and keeps you warm even when a storm is brewing outside.

Lovely!  How Can I Learn More?

One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to live your Irish side is to play Irish music.  Gaelic Storm is one delightful example.  

We have many more ideas and examples in our Irish music section here!

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