Game of Thrones Tour

by Bruce Grady
(Portland Oregon)

Red Witch Landed Here!

Red Witch Landed Here!

My son Michael and I recently had the opportunity to visit Northern Ireland tied to one of my business trips.

While we were there, we hopped a Game of Thrones tour-bus, and visited many of the Northern Ireland locations for the show.

We saw the area where the Red Witch landed with Sir Davos (the birth scene in the cave), the bay where Theon landed as he returned home to the Iron Isles, and the tree-covered road that appears in several scenes, among other things.

Needless to say these pictures found their way to my Facebook and Pinterest pages. A couple even ended up as framed artwork on my walls. Sharing pictures of my travels to Ireland is one of the ways I express my own Irish side.

But what I loved most about the trip was how Mike became interested in Irish culture and symbols.

Now he wears a Celtic cross around his neck, listens to live Irish music with his dad at the pubs around our house, and on his 18th birthday he received a ... ahem ... tree of life tattoo.

A gift from his mom. Not me. Believe me :-).

With a growing interest in Ireland among my kids, I'm sure we will have many more stories to tell in the future!

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by: Anonymous

Lovely story!

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