Famous Irish Quotes: Spice Up Any Occasion With Special Words from Famous People!

Sharing Irish quotes is one of our favorite ways to express our Irish-ness. Quotes with Irish themes carry special power when they are spoken by an Irish person that matters to us, or on a topic that strikes a chord for us.

We often use these quotes in email signatures, greeting cards, or as posts to our social networking sites.

As with most Irish sayings, you will find them all over the Internet. We will not attempt to copy and paste ‘all of them’ on this page!

But we do want to offer you some of the best. Here we’ll share our favorite Irish quotes ‘by Irish people,’ and ‘about Ireland,’ to help you express your Irish side wherever you are.

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Our Favorite Quotes By Irish People

Oliver Goldsmith: "Glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time you fall."

George Bernard Shaw: "Some see things as they are and say - why? I see things that aren't and say - why not?"

George Bernard Shaw: "I frequently quote myself, which I find adds spice to my own conversation."

Richard Harris: "I often think, "I wish I had done that," only to find out later that I already have." (A drinking reference :-)

Robert Lynd: "I believe in blessings in disguise. But I prefer them out of disguise when I am the the the one that is blessed..."

Brendan Behan: "I only drink on two occasions ... only when I am thirsty and only when I am not thirsty."

Oscar Wilde:  "Be yourself - everyone else is already taken."

Our Favorite Quotes About Ireland

"We have found the Irish to be somewhat odd. They refuse to be English." - Winston Churchill

"It's summertime in Ireland when the rain grows warmer." - Hal Roach

"(The Irish are) one race for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever..." - Sigmund Freud

"I started with rock n' roll and...then started to take it apart like a child with a toy and I saw blues and country...Then American music...and (ended up in) Scotland and Ireland..." - Elvis Costello

"Love is never defeated... and history of Ireland proves it." - Pope John Paul II

"I’ve always liked it here. Part of me is Irish. Whenever I come to Ireland I get a tingling in my heart that I’m where I belong." - Billy Connely, Scottish Actor

"Only Irish coffee contains all four food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar and fat." - Alex Levine

More Irish Quotes

Just made available by popular demand, don't miss funny Irish quotes.  This section contains humorous examples of the Irish way with words.

And our section on Irish love quotes will provide you with just the right words for that special Irish wedding toast, birthday or valentines day party.

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