Irish Sayings:  Clever Irish Humor and Words of Wisdom to Share With Family and Friends!

One of the best places to start, when expressing your Irish side, is Irish sayings. We love to use Irish words of wisdom, humor and devotion in so many different ways!

For example, sayings from Ireland make great wedding blessings, retirement jokes, birthday toasts, party invitations, t-shirts, coffee mugs, wall hangings… you get the idea!

We update this page on a weekly basis - searching high and low for the best Irish wit and wisdom to share with you.  Please enjoy the sections below, and don't miss our weekly features at the end of the page!

Let's get warmed up with a quick overview of some of our favorite Irish sayings!

See any you liked?  You can find all of them and much more on our Pinterest page, and many, many more below.  Enjoy!

Irish Jokes

Irish sayings.  Enjoying a laugh at the pub.

Jokes from Ireland often follow the same themes as other Irish expressions - they find humor in simple matters, in hardships, and in double meanings.

And like any style, Irish jokes range from ‘ho-hum’ to side-splittingly funny!

We prefer the second type!, and that is the type we will focus on at Irish

Check out our Irish jokes section here.

O'Gorman jumped up from the card table white with rage

'Stop this game!' he shouted. 'Fitzgerald is cheating!'

'How do you know?' his partners asked with concern.

'He's not playing the hand I dealt him!'

Irish Limericks

Irish Limerick Poem - Strutting Leprechan

No discussion of Irish Sayings would be complete without talking about the mighty Irish Limerick.

This catchy little poem has a long, proud history.  And yet it is so simple to understand and enjoy.

We like to share 'clean' Irish limericks with our children (click here for great limericks for kids).

In fact, they are so easy to write, we have contests in our family to see who can come up with the best Irish limerick.

Visit our section on Irish Limerick Poems for a quick overview of the limerick style, followed by links to hundreds of entertaining examples!

There was a young woman from Stroud,

Whose artistic skills did her proud,

She thought it not rude,

To paint in the nude,

And soon drew a sizeable crowd.

Irish Proverbs

Irish poverbs - the majesty of the Cliffs of Moher...

These Irish sayings are usually, but not always, less humorous and more thoughtful.

Irish proverbs – like any proverbs – are typically short phrases about core Irish values and life lessons.

We use them as birthday blessings, ‘teachable moments’ for our kids, and wise words on greeting cards.

Want to see a whole bunch more Irish proverbs? Check them out here!

A handful of skill is worth a bagful of gold.

- Irish Proverb

Irish Toasts

Irish Sayings.  Laughing Leprechan!

Take a pinch of Irish humor, a dash of the Irish gift ‘o the gab, mix them together with the love of Irish spirits, and what do you get?

Aw c’mon that was too easy. You get the most versatile and hilarious form of Irish Sayings – the Irish toast.

As our section on this topics says, you can find Irish toasts for almost any moment.

What on earth do we mean? Find out here.

If you’re lucky enough to be Irish, you’re lucky enough.

- Anonymous

Irish Quotes

Irish Sayings - Kiss Me I'm Irish

For some reason, people who are not Irish love to make catchy comments about the Irish.

Many of these have ‘stuck,’ in part because … well… they are true.

Not to be outdone, the Irish love to make pithy observations about themselves.

This witty, funny, sometimes cynical self-awareness is part of what makes Irish humor so appealing.

Want to know more?  Have a look at our section on Irish Quotes.

“We have always found the Irish a bit odd. They refuse to be English.” 

– Winston Churchill

Irish Blessings

Irish Blessings - Celtic Goblets

Sharing Irish blessings is one of the easiest and most memorable ways to express our Irish sides! 

Whether truth or legend, the Irish are known for the 'gift of gab,' and for expressing ourselves beautifully through the written or spoken word.

Want to learn a few Irish blessings, and add them to your repertoire of Irish expressions? 

Visit our Irish Blessings page here!

A Few More...

Ok… I think you get the idea. Irish Sayings are a staple of Irish culture, and a great way to express your Irish side.

There are many, many more kinds of sayings that we did not cover here, but you will find them on other sections of our site.

If you are going for the laugh, take a look at Funny Irish Sayings...

Learn some important Irish Phrases, to prepare you for a visit to the Emerald Isle, or simply to impress your friends and mates on your next Irish pub crawl.

Brush up on your Irish Slang here – and draw a confused stare or a friendly laugh depending on who you are with!

Have a look at Irish Birthday sayings and Irish Christmas sayings to add a spark to those important occasions!

And to be considered a true expert on Irish sayings, you have to know the most famous ones...

Finally, check out Irish craic to master a very important form of Irish expression.

“There are only two kinds of people in the world.

The Irish, and those who wish they were.”

- author unknown

Here Is a Fun, Free Way to Enjoy Irish Sayings!

Download our Irish Sayings Trivia Quiz!  It's free and it's a great, simple addition to any Irish-themed occasion.  Have a look! 


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What's Next?

The wit and wisdom of Irish Sayings can be found throughout Irish culture.  Using them in your day to day life is a wonderful way to express your Irish side.

If you enjoyed this page, please take a moment to share your feedback about it, or any other part of our site, using our contact form here.

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