Irish Baby Blessings:  Express Your Irish Side (and Theirs) at a Very Early Age!

Blessings play a key role in Irish culture, and Irish baby blessings are a cherished Irish tradition. We use them at birthdays, baby showers, christenings … anywhere we wish to honor and protect a child or their parents.

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As with all Irish sayings, baby blessings range from funny to wise to just plain tear-jerkers.

There are hundreds of blessings to choose from, and each has its own special meaning to the speaker, listener or reader.

Here are some of our favorites.

Favorite Irish Baby Blessings

If you are like us, you prefer your blessings short, sweet and easy to remember. If they also rhyme, that’s a bonus!

Have a look at these favorite Irish baby blessings, as chosen by our most frequent visitors.

Many Years to Live

May God grant you many years to live

For sure He must be knowing

The earth has angels all too few

And Heaven is overflowing


May strong arms hold you

Caring hearts tend you

And may love await you at every step

Little Angels

May all the blessing of our Lord touch your life today

May He send His little angels to protect you on your way

Such a wee little fit, sent from above

Someone so precious to cherish and love

Good Luck

May sunshine and moonbeams dance over your head

As you quietly slumber in your bed

May good luck be with you wherever you go

And your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow.

Love of St Patrick

May the love and protection

Saint Patrick can give

Be yours in abundance

As long as you live

Luck, Joy and Laughter

Lucky stars above you

Sunshine on your way

Many friends to love you

Joy in work and play

Laughter to outweigh each care

In your heart a song

And gladness waiting everywhere

All your whole life long

Family is Wealth

A newborn babe

brings light to the house

warmth to the hearth

and joy to the soul

for wealth is family

family is wealth.

Children and Grandchildren

Children are the rainbow of life

Grandchildren are the pot of gold

So What is YOUR Favorite Irish Blessing?

Where did you first hear it? What does it mean to you? How have you used it?

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