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"LOVE LOVE LOVE this site.  It is so informative. I will be married to an Irishman in the very near future and I'm trying to learn as much as I can of his culture.  Thank you for this site."

- Stacey from Ontario

And as you will see, we make it easy and fun to do just that!

Each page tells an interesting story about some aspect of Irish culture and customs.

And each page offers creative ideas for using the information you just read, to share your Irish side with others.

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B' BUM bum. Sorry bout that :-)

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Emerald Isle Memory 
I visited Ireland in the 80's. At the time, there was fighting in Dublin, so we just stayed in the southern parts. I went with my fiance and he proposed …

Game of Thrones Tour 
My son Michael and I recently had the opportunity to visit Northern Ireland tied to one of my business trips. While we were there, we hopped a Game …

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