Irish Symbols: Add these Beautiful Designs to Your Own Irish Expressions!

You don’t have to look far to see Irish symbols. They appear all around us, on clothing, jewelry, artwork, tableware and more.

In fact, they are so popular that it is very common to see them proudly displayed by people with no Irish heritage at all! And that's just fine with us - in our humble opinion, everybody has an Irish side!

The fun behind these symbols is using them to express your Irish side, sharing what they mean and why they are important to you. Shall we take a closer look at some of them?

Irish symbols.  Claddagh ring.

The Celtic Knot

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Sometimes called "Irish knots" or "Mystic knots," Celtic knots are patterns of lines with no visible beginning and no apparent ending.

Aside from being lovely, they are said to have important meanings, which you can learn more about in other articles on this site!

As with many symbols of Ireland they appear on everything from clothing to tableware to jewelry to body art.

For more information on this beautiful Irish symbol, visit our page on the Celtic Knot.

The Celtic Cross

This classic symbol of Ireland is shaped like a traditional Christian crucifix, with the addition of a circle around the intersection, symbolizing eternity.

It is typically decorated with symbols or scenes of various biblical events, and it is found in a variety of Irish expressions today, including art, tattoos and jewelry.

Visit The Celtic Cross for much more information about this important Irish symbol.

Pendants and ear rings are the most popular ways to share the Celtic Cross!

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The Claddagh

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Much more information on this key Irish symbol can be found in our section on Irish jewelry (just look for 'Claddagh rings.')

This symbol originated in the town of Claddagh, and was first made into the famous claddagh ring in the 17th century during the reign of Mary II.

Two hands represent friendship and the crown stands for lasting fidelity and loyalty, while the heart represents eternal love.

The Tricolor Flag

Irish symbols. The Tricolor Flag.

The Tricolour flag is the national flag of Ireland. The green represents the Catholics and the orange stands for the Protestants in Northern Ireland.

The white represents the hope of peace between them. This flag was first introduced back in 1848 by Thomas F. Meager. Later, it was adopted as the official flag in 1921 when Ireland first became a Free State.

Nothing symbolizes Irish national pride like an image of the Tricolor flag. They can be seen at Irish sporting events, on Irish holidays and in the windows of people who simply love to share their Irish side. 

The Irish Family Crest

Enter your Irish family name, and see your personal coat of arms!

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Back in the 12th century, long shields and chain-link mail were replaced with helmets that covered the whole head, full-body armor and smaller shields.

Knights could not be individually recognized. They began marking their shields with emblems to identify themselves for the tournaments or battles, and the family crest was born!

Learn more about these remarkable symbols of Ireland in our page on the Irish coat of arms.

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We hope you have enjoyed this overview of symbols from Ireland, and their Celtic origins. As always, if you have questions or feedback, don't hesitate to reach out to us using our Contact Form to the left, or the Comments Box below.

And should you have a chance to visit Ireland, we recommend a visit to the most important of all Irish symbols, the exquisite Book of Kells.

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