Irish Food Recipes: Share your Irish Side Through Delicious, Hearty Irish Meals!

Is there any better way to express your Irish side than serving Irish food recipes to friends and family? We can't think of one!

In this section, we would like to share some of our favorite Irish recipes with you!

We'll start with some quick information about the traditional Irish diet and then describe some of our favorite Irish meals.

The Traditional Irish Diet

Much like her people, Ireland’s traditional foods are straightforward, hearty and thrifty.

Grains such as oats and barley have always been a staple on the island. A vegetable garden was part of many Irish households, and thanks to the Celts’ arrival around 500 B.C., sheep and pigs became common throughout the island.

And fish were always available along the long Irish coastline.

The Spanish conquered much of South America in the 1500s, and they brought the potato back with them when they returned to Europe.

The potato quickly made its way to Ireland, where it became a crucial part of the Irish diet – especially in the Irish countryside.

Because these were the foods that were readily available and relatively inexpensive, many traditional Irish food recipes use grains, potatoes, vegetables, dairy, and lamb, pork or fish as their core ingredients.

Enough History - Let's Talk About Irish Food Recipes!

Serving Irish food is a perfect way to express our love for Irish culture.

We'll start by describing appetizers and sides, main courses, desserts, drinks and holiday foods. We'll offer links inside each section, to take you to specific Irish food recipes.

Irish Appetizers and Side Dishes

Irish food.  Potato Leak Soup.
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Breakfast is my personal favorite meal of the day - and that's why I know that  potato pancakes and black pudding make lovely additions to the morning meal.

Breads also play a pivotal role in the Irish diet.  The granddaddy of Irish breads, and one of my favorite foods, Irish soda bread, is versatile and delicious enough to be served at any meal (or by itself for that matter!)

Other popular Irish breads are Irish potato bread, Irish brown bread, and Guinness bread.  These recipes are not to be missed!

As we start to move into sides that can also sere as main courses, we find Irish potato soup, with all its delicious variations. 

Also in this category are the quintessentially Irish Colcannon, and Irish boxty (another personal fav).

Irish Main Courses

Irish Food Recipes - Corned Beef and Cabbage
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A traditional Irish dinner almost always includes meat and vegetables.

A good example is Irish bacon (or corned beef) and cabbage.

Shepherd's Pie, is a second example of iconic Irish food, as is its close cousin, Steak and Guinness Pie.

Another delicious and hearty main course is Irish stew, typically made with lamb or beef.  And there is a vegetarian version!

Don't miss Dublin coddle, a delicious, authentic collection of Irish flavors, named after the town where it was born!

Finally, homemade Irish sausages are the key ingredient in another one of my favorite Irish meals: Bangers and Mash.

Irish Desserts

Irish Food Recipes - Apple Pie
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Our visitors love to contribute Irish dessert recipes - so much so that we have an entire section dedicated to Irish desserts!

Visiting this section will take you to lovely recipes for Guinness Chocolate Cake, Irish Cream Bundt cake, Irish whiskey cake, and Irish cream cheesecake.

The Irish countryside is well adapted for growing apples, which is why we love to share recipes such as Irish Apple Cake

Our desserts section also contains recipes for Irish cream fudge, Irish Potato candy, Irish cookies, and Irish bread pudding.

So much to taste, so little time.  We had better get started!

Irish Drinks

Irish Food Recipes - Irish Coffee
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A discussion of Irish food recipes would not be complete without a selection of  Irish drinks.

Among the best is the classic Irish coffee, with its tot of Irish whiskey and dollop of whipped cream.

Ireland sports a number of excellent beer brands as well, including such recognizable names as Guinness Stout and Harp lager.

Whiskey has been a part of life on the Emerald Isle for at least 1,000 years, and serves as the cornerstone for many more Irish drink recipes.

Irish Holiday Recipes

Irish Food Recipes - Spiced Beef
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Certain Irish food recipes just fit the holidays so well that we have to call them out separately here.

Our St Patricks Day recipes page features pre-party appetizers, drinks and St Patricks Day desserts

In our Christmas recipes section we highlight Irish Christmas pudding and Irish Christmas cake!

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That Was Delicious!  What's Next?

We have enjoyed sharing some of our favorite Irish food recipes with you. 

But don't stop with food... There are many more exciting elements of Irish culture that you can use to express your Irish side!

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Also, if you have ever thought about visiting Ireland, there are a few great websites, not to be missed.  One of these is

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Built by a family owned business, located in Cork Ireland, that has been designing custom tours of Ireland for more than 25 years!

If you are fortunate enough to visit the Emerald Isle, this site will enrich your travel plans, including advice on where to find the best local food!  If travel is not in your immediate future, visiting this site is the next best thing to 'being there.'

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