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  3. Irish Symbols:  The Claddagh, the Celtic Knot, the Tree of Life and more!
  4. Irish Sights:  Blarney Castle, Cliffs of Moher, Giant's Causeway, read on!
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Irish Expressions - Lovely Bunratty Castle and Durty Nelly's Cafe!

"LOVE LOVE LOVE this site.  It is so informative. I will be married to an Irishman in the very near future and I'm trying to learn as much as I can of his culture.  Thank you for this site."

- Stacey from Ontario

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Now - What's An Irish Expression?

Basically, it is anything you do or say that expresses what we like to call your "Irish Side." It might include the words you say, the songs you sing, the artwork you share, the food you serve, the clothes you wear ... you get the idea :-).

If you take the time to explore our sight (please do!) here is what you will find:

Irish Sayings

Irish sayings can be the ideal way to express your personal Irish side!

Are you looking for that perfect Irish toast, blessing, joke, proverb or quote?  Ireland is a verbal culture and the right Irish sayings can be the perfect way to express your personal Irish side at any occasion.

"If you're lucky enough to be Irish, you're lucky enough!"

Click here for this Irish saying and hundreds more!

Irish Song Lyrics

Irish Expressions - small group playing traditional Irish instruments.

Do you wish you knew the words to the most famous Irish songs?  Take it from us - singing along to Irish folk songs, especially with a group of friends, is one of the most enjoyable ways to express your Irish side! 

In Dublin's fair city,

Where the Girls are so pretty,

I first set my eyes,

On sweet Molly Malone,

As she wheeled her wheel barrow,

Through the streets broad and narrow,

Crying cockles and mussels,

Alive alive o!

Click here to learn the rest of the words to Molly Malone and many more Irish songs!

Irish Symbols

Irish Expressions - rings showing the traditional Irish knot.

Maybe you want to express your Irish side using beautiful Irish symbols?  Irish and Celtic symbols such as the Celtic knot, the Claddagh and the Tree of Life can be shared in clothing, jewelry, artwork and more.  

Click here to see many more Irish symbols!

Ireland Sights

Irish Expressions - facade of Blarney Castle!

Do you want to take a virtual tour of Ireland, and see the most amazing Irish landmarks without leaving home?  Sharing your travel stories, both real and virtual is a very entertaining way to express your Irish side.  

Click here to visit more than 100 Irish sights including Blarney Castle, the Cliffs of Moher, The Giant's Causeway and much, much more.

Irish Food Recipes

Irish Expressions - delicious Irish Stew.

Serving Irish food is one of the best ways to have an Irish experience, wherever you are!  Feed your Irish side by sharing your favorite Irish appetizers, entres, side dishes and desserts.  

Click here for more than 50 Irish recipes including Bacon and Cabbage, Guinness Stew, Bangers and Mash, and many more!

Irish Trivia and Traditions

Irish Expressions - Irish trivia and traditions!

Are you looking for fun Irish traditions, games and activities to bring into your day to day life?  Celebrate Irish holidays, play Irish games, practice Irish traditions - the choices are endless. 

Tap here to enjoy our favorite Irish trivia and traditions!

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