Irish Slang Words: A Fun, Printable Word-Match Game For Any Irish-Themed Occasion!

Now you can put your knowledge of Irish slang words to the test, while entertaining family and friends on St Patricks Day, an Irish-Themed birthday or wedding, or any other day! 

Our fun, printable word-match game can add Irish flavor to any fun occasion!

Irish Slang Words - Kiss Me I'm Irish
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Try your hand at mastering our fun quiz below.  You can 'study up' in our sections on Irish Words and Irish Slang.

Simply match the Irish words on the left with their meanings on the right. The answers are at the bottom of this page.

Or, fill out our simple form to download a printable version of the quiz.  Create a simple contest with your party guests - the most correct matches wins an Irish prize!

Do You Speak Irish Slang?

Irish Slang Words

Allright Boyo!

What's the Craic?


As full as a Catholic school.

Dropping the link box.

Slainte! (SLAN chuh)

Bang on!

Made a bags of it.

Foin thing.

Suckin' diesel.




Gob smacked.


Play the Irish banjo.



Irish comics.



Ugly.  Disgusting.

Making sense.  Doing well.

Pints of beer.

Dig a hole with a shovel.

How are you?

To eat excessively.  Someone who overeats.

The obituaries.

Washroom.  Restroom.

Where's the fun?

Somebody who is incredibly drunk.

Stunned. Speechless.

Going to bed.

Person of poor character.  Good for nothing.

Messed it up.

Correct!  Exactly right!


Cheers!  Drink up!

An attractive man or woman.

So - How Did you Do with our Favorite Irish Slang Words Game?

A score of 17 or higher is a sign of having a true Irish side!

A score of 14-16 is pretty good!  You are probably the life of the party on St Patricks Day!

A score of 13 or lower means you should probably brush up on your knowledge of the Emerald Isle!  Keep exploring to discover the many ways to express your Irish side!

For a free printable version of this game, please fill in the form below.  Answers can be found at the bottom of this page.


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That Was Fun!  What's Next?

A bit 'o knowledge about Irish words and phrases goes a long way to expressing your Irish side!

So what did you think of our Irish Slang Words game?

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Answers to game: Allright Boyo:How are you?...What's the Craic?:Where's the Fun?...Slan!:Goodbye...As full as a Catholic school:Somebody who is incredibly drunk...Dropping the link box:Going to bed...Slainte(SLAN chuh):Cheers! Drink up!...Bang on!:Correct! Exactly right!...Made a bags of it:Messed it up...Foin thing:An attractive man or woman...Suckin' diesel:Making sense, doing well...Bowsie:Person of poor character, good for nothing...Ganky:Ugly, disgusting...Jacks:Washroom, restroom...Gob smacked:Stunned, speechless...Scoops:Pints of beer...Play the Irish banjo:Dig a hole with a shovel...Gorb:To eat excessively, somebody who overeats...Grogg:Beer... Irish comics:The obituaries.

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