Irish Wedding Toasts:  They Add Irish Spirit to Your Most Cherished and Memorable Day!

Sharing Irish wedding toasts is an opportunity to express your Irish side during one of life's most celebrated occasions. If you are giving a toast at a wedding with an Irish theme, here's your chance!

Funny, witty, encouraging, mysterious - whatever your goal, there is an Irish toast to fit the mood. Choose one below, or create one of your own!

Irish wedding toasts.  Flutes and hands.

Irish Wedding Toasts to a Happy Marriage

Isn't this the ultimate message of an Irish wedding toast? Here is a sampling from our favorites:

“Wishing you a rainbow

For sunlight after showers,

Miles and miles of Irish smiles

For golden happy hours,

Shamrocks at your doorway

For luck and laughter too,

And a host of friends that never ends

Each day your whole life through!”

“May your troubles be less and your blessings be more.

And nothing but happiness come through your door.”

“May the roof above you never fall in,

And those gathered beneath it never fall out.”

Irish Toasts About Loving Your Spouse

Despite their reputation for witty humor, sometimes bordering on sarcasm our Irish brethren have a very powerful romantic side. Here are some Irish toasts on the basic idea of marriage: loving your spouse:

“Here's to the wings of love,

may they never molt a feather,

till your little shoes and my big boots are under the bed together.”

See? That's what I'm telling you - romantic! Here's another one:

“Here is to loving, to romance, to you.

May you travel together through time.

Each alone counts as none, but together you're one.

For your partnership puts love to rhyme.”

There. That's better. Here is one that might be delivered by the bride herself:

“Though I had a share in the lands of India, the silks of Persia, the gold of Peru, I prefer the lad I love, and shall stand true to him. Happy is the girl who sleeps the night in his arms.”

Irish Wedding Toasts - Celtic Wedding Cups

Irish Toasts About Children

For the Irish, children are an essential part of a happy marriage and, thus, a happy family. So it makes sense that many Irish wedding toasts have to do with children - and the more the better!

" May there be a generation of children on the children of your children."

“Health and long life to you, land without rent to you, a child every year to you, and death in Old Ireland.”

“May I see you grey and combing your grandchildren’s hair.”

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Is that Enough Information About Irish Toasts?  I Hope Not!

The Irish are renowned for their wit and way with words.  So it is no surprise that toasts and blessings are an essential part of Irish culture.

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