St Patrick Day Crafts:  A Few Simple Ideas!

Finding or even making St Patrick Day crafts is one great way to express our Irish sides!

In this section we would like to share three ideas for craft-minded adults.  For more kid-oriented ideas, visit our section on crafts for kids!

First, to State the Obvious...

Centuries ago everything was handmade.

The emergence of factories in the 1800s resulted in mass-production of many necessities - but some items of special meaning continue to be hand-crafted even today.

Crafts such as paintings, embroidered panels, tapestries, jewelry, greeting cards, and hand-blown glass can be found in Irish homes and stores.

Hand thrown tableware, handbags, coats, and engagement rings are also among today's Irish crafts.

An idea for St Patrick Day crafts.  Irish greeting cards!

St Patrick Day Crafts Project #1:  Irish Greeting Cards

Computers provide wonderful ways to make greeting cards and invitations.

You can offer a personal touch if you go out and get the photos you print on the front of the card.

For example, take the kids to a flower boutique or garden to obtain pictures of clovers.

You can use computer software like greeting card programs found online to upload the picture and then insert a personal message inside.

This works for the invitations too. A more personal touch would be to create all the greeting cards by hand.

  • Gather construction paper, scissors, glue, green pens, paint, and glitter. Also gather other colors of pens, paint and glitter.
  • Fold the paper in half or in quarters, depending on how you want the greeting card or invitation to look.
  • Draw a design on the cards. Leprechauns, clovers, the claddagh, Irish castles, and any other Irish symbol can work.
  • After the front of the card is dry you can add your personal message inside. Add more decorations if you wish like a pot of gold and a rainbow.

Project #2:  St Patrick's Day Name Bracelets

Name bracelets are another great form of St Patrick Day crafts.

If you intend on hosting a party where everyone might not know each other or you want to make a lasting gift, name bracelets can be the way to go.

It is also a fun activity for children if you throw a children’s St. Paddy’s day party. Beads are the best way to go for these bracelets.

  • Go to your local craft store to pick up an elastic string. Also pick up rainbow colored beads and lettering.
  • Tie one end of the elastic string and then test a wrist to see what length would be best. Remember, with the beads on you need the string a little longer than the actual wrist size. You also have to have enough to tie the two ends together when you are done putting on the beads. Test a couple of wrists if you know you are making them for adults and children.
  • Green beads as the main bracelet color make the most sense with St. Paddy’s Day. Put an even amount of green beads on each side of the name. As long as you do not tie the first end too tight you can always add more if necessary once you get the name on. Rainbow colored names can be the most fun, but white beads with black lettering are also available.

Project #3:  Handmade Hair Pins

In keeping with the tradition of St. Patrick’s Day you might want to make name bracelets for the boys and hair pins for the girls at your children’s party.

It provides something special for each gender. Hair pins can be made as follows:

  • Visit your local craft store to purchase hair pins, beads, and glue.
  • Name hair pins can be made with the beads. If you do not want name hair pins consider finding clovers you can glue onto the hair pins.
  • Hot glue guns are best for this rather than other craft glue. If you make name hair pins use different color beads for the letters in each name.

A variety of other craft ideas can be found for making St Patrick Day crafts.

A few other concepts include resin casted clover coasters, clip art craft pins or name craft pins, Shamrock boutonnieres, and clover cookies.

Any of these crafts can be enjoyed with your children while you share history and stories about the Irish culture.

Want More Ideas?

One of the most personal and satisfying ways to express your Irish side is to build a creative Irish craft project.

The internet abounds with great ideas for St Patrick Day crafts, and we would be remiss if we did not mention at least one example ... even if it is not our own!

In that spirit, please visit our friends at Enjoy Irish Culture to learn how to make the famous Brigid's Cross!  Use it to ensure only luck and prosperity come through your door.

Meanwhile, if you enjoyed St Patrick Day Crafts, please take a moment to share your feedback about it, or any other part of our site, using our contact form here.

Thank you so much for visiting! 

Now, choose another topic to continue your exploration of Irish culture and traditions, and to share your Irish side with your growing community of friends at Irish!



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