Athenry Castle:  A 13th Century Defensive Structure with a Rich Irish History

Athenry Castle is nestled in Galway County, and part of the Connacht Province.

The historic castle is easily accessed from the Dublin Airport simply by following road signs to Galway.

Shortly before you arrive in Galway via the M6, you'll take Exit 17 and drive just a few miles before arriving at this grand 13th century structure.    

Athenry Castle

Things to Know About Athenry Castle

One of the oldest walled towns in Ireland is Athenry, which is home to the 13th century Athenry Castle.

Meiler de Bermingham is responsible for the construction of the castle in County Galway, which was designed with security rather than beauty in mind.

This is a must-see structure for history buffs, because parts of the 13th century enclosure walls and battlements remain.

Visitors can climb a wooden staircase to enter the half-keep, the most preserved part of the castle that still stands.

Situated just west of a ford across the River Clarin, the name Athenry is derived from the Irish 'Áth na Ríogh', or 'the Ford of the Kings'.

The Irish folk song "Fields of Athenry" is well-known, particularly in sports circles, and contributes to the notoriety of the town of Athenry and to Athenry Castle.

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