Funny Birthday Limericks: Get the Party Going with These Chuckle-Inducing Little Poems!

The person who made up the first funny birthday limericks may be a mystery, but the result is undeniable: hilarious, sometimes bawdy poetry that gets everybody laughing with the victim - er - person having the birthday.

Laughing Lephrechan.

Limericks are great for parties, because they are short, simple and easy to make up on the spot. 

You can have limerick-writing contests or games, or you can use limericks to create custom invitations or party favors.

Here are some examples to get you started. 

A Few Funny Birthday Limericks!

Over the Hill

“I am sorry to hear, Smiling Jill (Bill, Phil, you get the idea)

That your birthday’s no longer a thrill,

All your friends think you’re great,

You should still celebrate –

You’re not old, you’re just over the hill.”


“There once was a lady named Donna

Who said to her friends, “I’m not gonna

Eat your candy and cake,

I refuse to partake.

Blow those candles yourself — I don’t wanna!”


“Mom, I'm sure it will give you a lift

that I've shown such admirable thrift

in choosing a way

to remember your day

with this heart-warming message (no gift!)"

With Friends Like These...

“On this day, we party each year!

And we come to drink all of your beer!

We will sing out of tune

Eat some cake and commune

When the drink's gone, we'll all disappear!”

Get Over It

Don't you hate it when all your joints ache?

All those candles are crushing your cake?

It just leads to depression

So change your expression

And party on for Pete's sake!

A Vigorous Man

“You've conquered the aging disease

that brings lesser men to their knees.

You're a vigorous man

and you've proved you still can

blow out candles with only one wheeze.”

It's the Thought That Counts

“This year I have something to boast:

I remembered your birthday (almost).

This card may be late

but it's close to the date.

Let's pretend it got lost in the post.”

So What's Next?  Here are a Few Ideas...

One of the most entertaining ways to express your Irish side through limericks is to use them as content for party games.  In our section on How to Write a Limerick, we'll introduce you to a simple, fun group activity designed around limericks.  Have a look!

Another way to use Limericks for birthday fun is through downloadable, printable party games.  In Irish games, we'll introduce you to a few of these.

Still another approach is to use limericks to create custom invitations and greeting cards.  We love to use Smilebox (doesn't the name just say it all?) for our custom birthday invitations, as well as slideshows and collages... Have a look below!

Create personalized birthday cards and invites.

And for much more information on Irish limericks and how to use them, visit us at Irish Limericks or select one of the links below.  Enjoy!

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