Funny Limericks:  They Can Be Hard to Find! These are Guaranteed to Make You Smile.

Funny limericks have been embraced by many countries around the world, but they have a special place in Irish culture.

From some of their earliest appearances in Edward Lear's The Book of Nonsense to today's modern masterpieces, limericks have caused millions of laughs with their simple, clever, often somewhat off-color humor.

Funny Limericks.  Leprechan thumbs up!

Here is a collection of funny ones.  For many more examples, check out our section on Limerick Poems

And if you would like to try your hand at writing one of your own, don't miss How to Write a Limerick.

A Funny Limerick About Neatness

There was a young fellow of Crete

Who was so exceedingly neat.

When he got out of bed,

He stood on his head

To make sure of not soiling his feet.

A Limerick Tongue-Twister

The bottle of scent Willie sent

Was quite displeasing to Millicent.

Her thanks were so cold

That they quarreled, I'm told,

'Bout that silly scent Willie sent Millicent.”

Limericks about Families

There was a girl from Rabat,

Who had triplets, Nat, Pat and Tat;

It was fun in the breeding,

But hell in the feeding,

When she found she had no tit for Tat.

A patient who kept getting worse

Cried out ‘I must go home now, nurse!

You've done all your best

And performed every test

But I've come to the end of my purse!

Funny Limericks About Marriage...

There once was a young man from Lyme

Who married three wives at a time.

When asked, "Why a third?"

He replied, "One's absurd,

And bigamy, sir, is a crime!"

At times I’m so mad that I’m hopping.

My angriness sets my veins popping.

I yell and I curse,

With swearwords diverse,

But my wife does much worse: she goes shopping"

Funny Limericks About ... Pain

There was a young fellow named Hall

Who fell in the spring in the fall.

'Twould have been a sad thing

Had he died in the spring,

But he didn't - he died in the fall.

There was a young fellow from Belfast

That I wanted so badly to tell fast

Not to climb up the stair

As the top step was air.

And that’s why the young fellow fell fast.

There was a young lady named Harris,

Whom nothing could ever embarrass,

Till the bath salts one day

In the tub where she lay

Turned out to be plaster of Paris

One More Funny Limerick - Get It?

This one was submitted anonymously to our site.  We appreciate the 'clean' version of a Nantucket limerick!

There once was a man from Nantucket,

Who kept all his cash in a bucket.

His daughter, named Nan

Ran away with a man,

And as for the bucket, Nantucket.

Want More Information on Irish Limericks?

We have much, much more to share!  Continue to explore this unique poetic style in our section on Irish Limerick poems.

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