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Irish Limericks:  Use These Clever Little Poems to Demonstrate Your Irish Side!

Here is a fun way to bring Irish limericks into your world.  To be most effective, you will need to take two simple steps.

Step 1: Get informed. Visit our section on Limerick Poems, for a quick overview of the Limerick style, including hundreds of entertaining examples. 

Step 2:  Cruise to victory in the Limericks party game we will share with you below.   Play the game individually or as a team!

Ready?  (Make sure you don't skip Step 1...) 

Ok? Let's go!

Irish limericks.  Laughing shamrock.

Here is What You Will Need

  • Printed game cards – one per team or contestant.  You can download the one we provide below, or you can make your own. 
  • If you prefer to make your own, you can visit our many pages on Irish limericks for ideas.  You might start with our article on how to write a limerick!

  • A method of judging the answer forms.  We like to select three guests (or sometimes the hosts) to be the judging ‘panel.’ 
  • If you do have live judges, make sure you select people who will make funny comments about the contestants’ answers.
  • If you use the ‘individual’ approach below, somebody (usually the host) will need to judge the responses and announce the winners.
  • A method of keeping time (if you use the group version). 
  • Prizes for the winners (typically an Irish-themed first, second and third prize)

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Irish Limericks Game:  A Team Approach

First, divide into teams and hand each team a game card – face down on the table in front of them.  Then share the rules:

  • They will have 15 minutes
  • They should ‘fill in the blank’ for each limerick on their game card as a group

  • The goal is: to end up with the ‘best’ limerick that follows all the rules of limerick poems
  • Start the clock – teams turn over their game cards and begin
  • After 15 minutes, instruct each team to rank their own responses from 1 (best) to 5 (worst).  The total number can vary based on the game card you choose / create and the amount of time available.
  • Then have each team take turns reading their masterpieces to the judges.  Round 1 is for their ‘best’ responses, round 2 for the next best and so on.
  • After each round, the judges comment on the contestants and vote for the winner of that round.  Judges should be looking for:

             - Does the masterpiece follow the ‘rules’ of a limerick?

             - Does it make sense?

             - Is it unusually funny, creative or memorable?

             - Was it well presented?

The winning team has the most total votes from the judges after all rounds are completed

An Individual Approach

As guests arrive, hand them a game card.  Then, early in the party, pause the action and explain the rules.

  • Everybody fills in the blanks in their game card to make Irish limericks that are funny, creative or in some way memorable
  • They should sign their name to their card. They should fill in the blanks at some point during the party.
  • By a certain deadline, every card will have been collected.  Designate a location or container to hold the game cards.
  • Make sure all guests complete the cards.  Sometimes we like to offer an Irish-themed party favor just for playing the game.
  • At the designated time, they should place their completed cards in the designated area.  There should be enough time for the judge(s) to review the cards, choose the winner(s) and gather their thoughts on how to present the winning cards.

Sometime before the end of the party, the judge(s) should announce the winners.  

We like to read 1-3 limericks from the winning card (if they are entertaining), and explain the reason for our choices of first, second and third-prize winners.

Want to Freshen up on Irish Limericks?

The more familiar you are with this unique art form, the better you will be at the Irish limericks game!

Visit our main limericks page here, to guarantee victory the next time you play!

And for more examples of fun party activities, visit our Irish games page here.


Did you try the game?  I hope so!  Let me know what you think!

So let's talk about what comes next.

Links on this page give you access to many more Irish limericks, Irish sayings and other tools for celebrating Irish culture and expressing your Irish side.

Use our contact form to tell us what you think of the Irish Limericks game, give us feedback on our site, share any questions you have or topics you want to know more about, or tell us about your latest Irish adventure. 

We look forward to seeing you again at Irish-Expressions.com!

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