Irish Love Quotes: Impress that Special Someone with Adoring Irish Words!

We find our Irish ancestors to be extremely quotable!  Irish love quotes are one of the best examples. Most Irish sayings and quotations are witty, while at the same time deeply meaningful, and – occasionally - side-splittingly funny!

Here we share some of our favorites love sayings, suitable for Irish Valentine’s day messages, Irish anniversary cards, Irish marriage proposals or any occasion calling for expressions of love and devotion.

Our Top 10 Irish Love Quotes and Sayings

Many of us would not automatically associate love and romance with Ireland.  Certain other European countries come to mind more often, don't they? 

But we Irish folk have our own way of expressing love, reflecting the many ups and downs of our cherished culture and history. 

Here are our top 10 love sayings from Ireland (in no particular order), ranging from the witty, to the sarcastic, to the deeply sentimental:

Irish love sayings. Heart symbol made of shamrocks!

1. Love is like stirabout (porridge) – it must be made fresh every day.

2. There is no cure for love other than marriage.

3. Would you like to be buried with my people? (A rather unique way of proposing!

4. Love is an affliction that no herb can heal!

5. As the sun follows its course, may you follow me.

6. You are as light to the eye, bread to the hungry, and joy to the heart!

7. May your presence be with me, oh one that I love.

8. But the greatest love, the love above all loves, even greater than that of a mother, is the tender, passionate undying love – of one beer drunken slob for another…

9. Love him (or her) when they least deserve it, for that is when they most need it.

10.  A day lasts until it is chased away, but love lasts to the end of time.

Irish Love Quotes - Heart with Irish Flag Colors

More Irish Sayings, Blessings and Quotations

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