Meet Bruce Grady

Hello and Cead Mile Failte!  I'm honored that you are here.  My name is Bruce and I am an American with Irish ancestry. I made my first trip to Ireland in 1997 and immediately fell in love with the Emerald Isle - its music, its customs, its spectacular landscapes, its history and legends...  I felt like I had come home.

Connemara Landscape

Most of all I fell in love with its people, who I find to be an irresistible blend of friendly and caustic, genuine and irreverent, fierce and funny.  Each time I visit, I return with stories to tell and pictures to share.

Enter Irish A labor of love since 2009.  I have visited the island nearly once a year in that time.  Three of my four sons have traveled the country with me so far.  One more to go.

Mike Dad Carrick a Rede
Nick Dad Carrick a Rede
Aiden Dad Rope Bridge

The lads and I have a tradition:  Following their high-school graduations, I take them to Ireland for a tour of the homeland.  To commemorate the trip, we take a picture at the end of the Carrick a Rede rope bridge on the beautiful Antrim coastline.

We mark the passage of time by the color of my beard.  Each year, the "Boy half" of the picture seems to get younger.  The "Dad half" gets older.   The cliffs and the water?  Endless.  Eternal.  Beautiful.

I wish for each of you the blessing of a visit to this land that I cherish.  I believe each of us has an "Irish Side."  The real purpose of Irish is to help you have an Irish experience - to share your Irish side with others - no matter where you are in the world.

Please enjoy Irish  If you have questions or feedback, don't hesitate to reach out to me directly at

Warm Regards - 

Bruce Grady

Bruce Headshot