Irish Song Lyrics:  Sing Along to 10 of Our All-Time Favorite Irish Songs!

Learning Irish song lyrics is one of the best ways to express your Irish side.  From the haunting emotion of "Danny Boy" to the rollicking irreverence of "Whiskey in the Jar," there is an Irish song for every mood.

Here is our list.  Jump directly to the song you like using the links below.  OR read on for a bit o' information and fun facts about our 10 favorite Irish songs, as carefully chosen by the Irish Expressions Community:

  1. O' Danny Boy
  2. Molly Malone
  3. Whiskey in the Jar
  4. The Unicorn Song
  5. Seven Drunken Nights
  6. Red is the Rose
  7. Wild Rover
  8. The Sick Note
  9. Finnegan's Wake
  10. Fields of Athenry

Irish Expressions: Irish Song Lyrics.  Image of Celtic Woman. Photocredit:  Chris Newman via Flickr.

At Irish Expressions we love singing along, and we hope you do too!  Here are the lyrics - and our favorite performances - of 10 Irish songs, to help you bring Irish sounds into your day to day life.

Irish Song Lyrics:  Find Out How Much You Already Know!

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10 'Must-Know' Irish Song Lyrics

Ready for a personal Irish music lesson?  Below are our top 10 choices for 'singable' Irish song lyrics - not to be missed!

1. O' Danny Boy

Irish Expressions:  Irish Song Lyrics.  Image of Celtic Woman singing Danny Boy. Image courtesy of Flickr.

Danny Boy is regarded by many people to be an Irish anthem.

The story behind the song has been interpreted a variety of ways, with 'Danny' representing a husband, or a son, or a boyfriend going off to war.

Danny Boy is a 'must know' for anybody who wants to express their Irish side through song.  Click the image to find out why!

2. Molly Malone

Irish Expressions.  Irish Song Lyrics.  Image of the Molly Malone statue in Dublin courtesy of Bigstock.

No list of Irish song lyrics would be complete without the notorious "Molly Malone." 

The song tells the story of a young girl name Molly who sells fish in the streets of Dublin but dies of fever at a young age.  Click the image for more info.

3.  Whiskey in the Jar

Irish Expressions:  Irish Song Lyrics.  Image of the Dubliners singing Whiskey in the Jar.  Courtesy of Bigstock.

While there are different versions depending upon where it is being sung, all of them tell the same basic story: Highwayman is betrayed by his lover while he is sleeping.

Click on the image to sing along with this iconic Irish pub song.

4. The Unicorn Song

Irish Expressions:  Irish Song Lyrics. Image of a unicorn courtesy of Bigstock.

At first glance it’s a surprising choice for beer lovers considering its childlike lyrics but when you hear it and sing along with it, you will understand why it is so beloved. 

Want to know why? Click on the picture to learn the lyrics and sing along!

5. Seven Drunken Nights

Irish Expressions:  Irish Song Lyrics.  Image of Celtic Thunder courtesy of Bigstock.

Seven Drunken Nights tells the tale of a man coming home drunk to his wife, and each night she has a new excuse to cover up what can only be her lover.

Alas, the drunk man carries on as the excuses get more and more ridiculous.

Learn the lyrics and hear the song by clicking the picture.

6. Red is the Rose

Irish Expressions:  Irish Song Lyrics.  Image of the Irish Tenors singing Red is the Rose courtesy of Bigstock.

Red is the Rose tells of a blossoming love story that ends with sadness as the two lovers are separated.

Most believe that the song is about one of the lovers emigrating, a topic that inspires plenty of Irish songs and stories.

To learn the lyrics and hear the song, simply click the image here.

7. Wild Rover

Irish Expressions:  Irish Song Lyrics.  Image of the High Kings singing Wild Rover courtesy of Bigstock.

The Wild Rover is about a man drinking in a pub who, by the last verse, decides to change his ways and leave alcohol behind.

Want to sing along? Learn the lyrics and hear the music by clicking on the image!

8. The Sick Note

Irish Expressions: Irish Song Lyrics.  Image of The Dubliners courtesy of Bigstock.

The Sick Note is one of the world's best known folk songs. It is closely associated with Irish culture, and it is a comedy classic.

Over the years, the song has been sung under many titles and even to multiple melodies, but the storyline remains the same. "Paddy's not at work today."

Find out why by clicking on the picture!

9. Finnegan's Wake

Irish Expressions: Irish Song Lyrics.  Image of the High Kings courtesy of Bigstock.

The song is about Finnegan who dies but wakes up again at his own wake when a bucket of whiskey is spilled on the floor. 

Click the image to learn the words and hear the tune to Finnegan's Wake!

10.  Fields of Athenry

Irish Expressions:  Irish Song Lyrics.  Image of the Dubliners courtesy of Bigstock.

Fields of Athenry is a folk ballad dealing with a love story during a sad part of Irish history.

The song is set in the Great Irish Famine of the 19th century. Click the image to sing along to this famous Irish tune.

What's Next?

If you have enjoyed our section on Irish Song Lyrics, you have probably been exposed to many of the loveliest songs that Ireland has to offer!

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