Irish Wedding Favor Ideas: Setting the Tone for a Beautiful Irish-Themed Wedding!

A creative Irish wedding favor is a meaningful way to express your Irish side during one of life's most treasured moments.

In early Irish weddings, the guests went home with small boxes containing a tiny sliver of cake with the date of the wedding and the names of the couple written on the box.

Irish Wedding Favor ideas.  Basket o' bubbles.

This tradition is still around today. To make it unique, you can purchase seals for the box, in the shape of the trinity love knot or claddagh.

Let's look at some more ideas for Irish wedding favors, some traditional, and some more modern.

 Cake-Related Irish Wedding Favors...

Since 'cake favors' must be taken from the main wedding cake, the boxes can’t be prepared ahead of time.

If this approach feels like too much of a hassle, consider a simpler variation - stuff the favors into the cake itself!

No, really - we're speaking of the tradition of placing small trinkets in the cake for the guests. This tradition runs so deep that there are even superstitions about what each charm means.

The superstitions vary according to locale but some are commonly accepted.

For example, legend has it that if you find a ring in your piece of cake, you’ll soon be married. And anyone finding a coin will become rich.

There are other trinkets with other meanings (thimbles and buttons and such) but they don't always carry positive meanings. So we'll stick with these!

Irish Wedding Favor - Wedding Cake

A Few More Current Wedding Favor Ideas...

For those who wish to keep with the Irish theme but remain more modern, there are a number of wedding favors available with claddagh, shamrock or other Irish symbols.

For instance, many couples purchase small mint tins (green, get it?) with their names and wedding dates inscribed on them.

These come in many varieties. They can often be personalized with the couple’s names and date of the wedding.

You can go as inexpensive or extravagant as you want when selecting Irish wedding favors. Examples of the less expensive include shamrock lollipops and personalized water bottles.

Moving a step up in price, you could consider personalized wedding honey jars, specially etched wine glasses or even small personalized favor bags with Irish chocolate for the children, and miniature bottles of Irish whiskey for those over the age of 21.

Some more pricey but appreciated items are candles in personalized holders that also have symbols of an Irish wedding such as the claddagh.

Other unique favors include mini bath scrubs with special Celtic scents. These small jars contain scrubs that are unique to those with Celtic heritage, and you can make them personalized too.

You can even purchase personalized packets of drink mixes, such as lemonade, for your Irish wedding favors.

Nearly all of these Irish Wedding Favor ideas can be found at

The Irish Store

Check them out.  Then come back and tell us what you think!

Making Irish Wedding Favors Yourself...

If you’re the type that loves the idea of a simple wedding with homemade favors, you can buy candy molds with Irish symbols, such as the claddagh or trinity love knot.

You can also buy Celtic knot stamps and use them to create place cards, gift bags or boxes for small chocolate wedding favors or other small favors to give your guests.

In the end... favors don't have to be a large gift, some of the best are simple little mementos to keep happy thoughts about the bride and groom.

Unless you have a gaggle of Irish historians coming to your wedding, anything symbolizing Ireland — even chocolate hearts wrapped in green foil — will successfully express your Irish side and please your guests.

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An Irish-themed wedding is one of the most unique and memorable ways to express your Irish side.  Offering Irish wedding favors is one good idea. Click here to visit our section Irish weddings traditions, for many more ideas and examples.

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