Irish Dessert Recipes:
Easy Treats With Irish Flavors

One of the best ways to express your Irish side is serving Irish dessert recipes at your next St Patrick's Day celebration  (or any gathering for that matter)!  Here we will share three special desserts that have gotten glowing reviews from our own family and friends.  

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And if this page leaves you wanting more, we have many other tasty Irish recipes to explore here.  Meanwhile, read on and enjoy our favorite Irish dessert recipes!

Carrigaline Whiskey Pie

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This dessert is a delicious example of Irish culinary creativity, combining potatoes, eggs, Irish whiskey and whipped heavy cream.  It's a delightful, surprisingly decadent dessert recipe that hearkens back to traditional life in the countryside. We have made Carrigaline Whiskey Pie many times, to rave reviews! Click here for our delicious simple recipe.  

Irish Apple Scones

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Apple scones reflect traditional Irish thriftiness, but they also satisfy the typical Irish sweet tooth!  This dessert embodies the best of traditional Irish desserts because it doesn’t use any expensive imported fruit as ingredients – just the simple apple, one of the few fruits that grows well in the Irish climate.  Unlike other types of scones, the entire mixture is baked “in one piece” and then cut into sections after you remove it from the oven and sprinkle it with sugar.  Click here for our delicious Irish apple scones recipe!

Apple Amber

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This is another Irish dessert made with apples, and it has long been a favorite.  Almost every Irish farm boasts at least a few apple trees.  And according to the laws of the time, anyone who damaged someone else’s apple tree was required to compensate the tree’s owner by transferring ownership of several cows.  So, while we know this is the second “apple dessert” on our list, apples are special in Ireland (and this dessert is truly delicious.). Here’s a recipe for Apple Amber which has always worked well for us!

Irish Cookie Recipe

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There are many kinds of Irish cookie recipes, more than we could possibly include here.  The question is: how do you choose the most authentic and easy to prepare (and delicious) option?  In our opinion, the cookie that most closely fits this definition is... (drum roll please) the humble Irish buttery shortbread cookie.  

Here you will learn more about the ingredients (can we say Irish butter boys and girls?), the preparation technique and the specifics of this delicious treat.  Visit our Irish Cookie page for more details and instructions!

Irish Cream Bundt Cake

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Irish cream bundt cake qualifies as an Irish expression due to its secret (ok maybe not so secret) ingredient... Wait for it... Irish cream!  True Irish cream liqueur is made with Irish whiskey. This spirit is very much a part of the recent history of Ireland and therefore, any recipes including Irish cream instantly become Irish expressions.  Plus they usually taste terrific!  Interested in seeing the recipe for Irish Cream Bundt Cake?  Here it is!

Irish Cream Fudge

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Nothing says Ireland quite like Baileys Irish Cream, the delicious beverage that comprises 50% of the spirits exported from the Emerald Isle.  And we have found from experience that Bailey’s goes great with the taste of good ‘ol chocolate fudge…. Sooooo – what better way to get your Irish mojo working than throwing a bang-on party, filled with two of Earth’s most delicious flavors?  Curious?  Check it out here!

Irish Bread Pudding

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We've been told this traditional recipe recipe has no historical roots in Ireland.  But it's so delicious we don't really care! The recipe below contains lovely Irish flavors. Think of it as an Irish twist on a classic easy dessert.  And as with many authentic Irish meals, it is made of simple ingredients and is simple to make. Your taste buds will thank you for it!  Find our recipe here!

Irish Potato Candy

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Potato candy is one of our favorite Irish dessert recipes, and we're always surprised that this treat isn't better known!  These sweet goodies may or may not even have Irish origins but they're still a favorite snack on St. Patrick's Day and other Irish occasions.  As with many Irish dessert recipes, there are several different versions of potato candy - one type even contains potatoes!  For more information on this easy recipe that really 'should be' Irish, visit our Irish Potato Candy page here!

Irish Apple Cake

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If you love a classic Irish dessert recipe, this one should be just your cup of tea.  It is simple, hearty, and can be made several ways, all of which yield the same delicious flavor of baked apples.  Irish Apple Cake is a dish made from flour, butter, sugar, apples, eggs, and spices.  Click here for our delicious Irish Apple Cake recipe!

Irish Cream Cheesecake

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The uniquely Irish flavor in Irish cream cheese cake is - you guessed it! - Bailey's Irish cream.  In fact, this ideal treat is sometimes called "Baileys Cheesecake."  While there are many variations to this perfect dessert (we once had it with chocolate chips in it!) the core recipe is simple and easy to make at home.  Click on the following link for is our family's favorite Irish cream cheesecake recipe!

Irish Whiskey Cake

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When we first tried Irish whiskey cake we were doubtful. Would the flavors 'work' together? Could you taste the whiskey?  After trying it, we knew the answers are 'yes' and 'yes!' Judge this sweet treat for yourself!  Find our favorite Irish Whiskey Cake recipe here!

Guinness Chocolate Cake

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If you love chocolate (and seriously, who doesn’t?) you’ll find this  recipe to be a perfect treat for dessert---and late night snack---oh yes, and  for breakfast... or morning break... or lunch ....  This stout cake is not too sweet, so it tricks you into eating more! It has the tang of everyone’s favorite Irish beer, without drinking a whole pint of Guinness.  Check out our Guinness Chocolate Cake recipe here, perhaps with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Irish Coffee Recipe

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One of our favorite Irish expressions, Irish Coffee recipes have warmed us during many chilly visits to the Emerald Isle and other European countries.  And it’s not bad right here at home, either (wherever home is for you!)    At its core, this wonderful hot beverage is just coffee, whiskey, sugar and heavy whipped cream – but to make it memorable, the details make all the difference!  Want to know the details? Find them here!

More Irish Dessert Recipes

So - did you find your favorite delicious dessert, Irish style?  The 'flavors' section of Irish Expressions grows on a daily basis and there are far too many recipes to show all on one page.  For more information on Irish dessert recipes, check out our page on St Patricks Day Desserts.  And for dessert recipes with a specific purpose, have a look at Irish wedding cake, and Irish Christmas Pudding!

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Sharing Irish food is one of our favorite ways to enjoy an Irish experience, wherever in the world we happen to be!  

The flavors of an Irish meal, and the stories that come along with many Irish recipes, gives us a sense of connection with the Emerald Isle.

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