The Cliffs of Moher: 10 Must-Know Facts About an Incredible Irish Landmark

The beautiful Cliffs of Moher are one of the top 10 sights to see in Ireland (in my humble opinion).  They are a series of sea cliffs that stretch for more than seven miles along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean in County Clare, Ireland. 

Irish Expressions - Cliffs of Moher.  Photocredit:  Theo Crazzolara via Flickr.

To get to the Cliffs, expect a 90-minute car journey from the city of Galway. Whether you're arriving from the north or the south, the cliffs will be just off the R478.

There is a regular bus route from Galway, as well as private guided tours from Limerick, Galway and even Dublin.

Irish Expressions - Cliffs of Moher with Clouds.  Photocredit: Wild Sky Photography.

Fun Things to Know About The Cliffs of Moher

Here are some fun facts about the Cliffs of Moher.  Hopefully they will entice you to visit the Cliffs in person!

But if that is not possible, you can always use them to impress your friends with your knowledge of one of the most-visited spots in Ireland.

  • The Cliffs are made of sandstone and shale. Experts estimate that they were formed over 320 million years ago.
  • The bottom of the cliffs are the oldest, and the natural materials get younger as you work your way up the face. That accounts for the varied colors at each layer of rock and sediment.
  • Legend has it that a sea witch called Mal of Malbay fell in love, chased her beau across Ireland and then met her demise at the cliffs. 
  • The highest vantage point is from O'Brien's Tower, which was built in the middle of the 19th century. Even then, it was a popular destination for Victorian tourists.
  • The Cliffs are one of the top bird-watching spots in Ireland. Along the cliffs there are 29 species, and more than 30,000 individual birds call the area their home.
  • Many visitors come specifically to see the adorable puffins that appear around March of each year. There's an Annual Seabird Festival in the Spring that is a fantastic way to see some of the puffins up close along with experts and enthusiasts from Birdwatch Ireland.
  • The cliffs were featured in the 1987 movie The Princess Bride, where they were known as the Cliffs of Insanity.
  • Don't miss Hag's Head, the southernmost point of the Cliffs. At this point, there's an unusual rock formation that looks like a woman's head looking out over the Atlantic Ocean.
  • At Hag's Head is Moher Tower, a tower that stands in ruin but still serves as a place of refuge for visitors who get caught in unexpectedly strong winds on the cliffs.
  • As of this writing, it just €2 to climb to the top and soak in the incredible views, and it's a fantastic spot to take pictures.
  • Don't miss the Cliffs of Moher Visitor Experience, where you can get a true bird's eye experience from the cliffs on the big screen.
  • While the Visitor's Experience has a small cafe, save your appetite for a meal after the Cliffs at the nearby Stonecutter's Kitchen. Housed in a traditional stone cottage that is more than a century old, this is a popular spot for authentic, home-cooked Irish meals.
  • There is a nominal fee for the parking lot at the cliffs, but the Cliffs of Moher themselves are open to the public, and there is no entry charge for any visitors,

For more information on the Cliffs, you can visit the official website here.

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