Irish Good Luck: Do You Know Where This Expression Came From? Find Out Here!

Most people recognize the idea of Irish good luck, and the phrase 'the luck of the Irish,' is commonly used around the world.  But do you really know what it means? Is it being blessed by the chance to live in such a beautiful country? Does it have something to do with Irish pubs and wonderful food?

Irish Good Luck - Green Horseshoe

The truth is, the phrase has more than just one meaning and there are also multiple stories about where it comes from. 

So read on!  And if you should find yourself wanting more information about Irish heritage and customs, please visit our Irish trivia and traditions page here...

Meanwhile, let's talk about Irish good luck!

Irish Good Luck:  Two Interpretations...

People will proclaim “The Luck o' the Irish” when they find something or get lucky somehow.  The phrase conjures up images of finding a four-leaf clover or a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  This is one interpretation, and it's our favorite.

On the other hand, there is a more cynical interpretation, tied to some of the darker times in Irish history.  Ireland has had its share of difficult times as a nation, so on occasion the term is used sarcastically to refer to bad luck.

Now Back to the Fun...

However most use it as a happy expression - and that's definitely the one we prefer! One possible source of the idea of Irish good luck was the silver and gold rush years in America.

At that time several of the most profitable miners were of Irish decent. Irishmen like John Mackay, James Flood, James Fair and William O'Brien were recognized as the "Silver Kings" when they hit the legendary Comstock Lode.

Eventually the connection of the Irish with the mining fortunes made by them led to the phrase "Luck of the Irish."

Today we see many occasions with "Luck of the Irish" themes, including "LOTI" cook-offs on St. Patrick's Day, cooking all their favorite dishes for the crowds of family and friends lucky enough to partake.

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