Irish Linen Fabric:  A Traditional Irish Expression from an Unexpected Source!

For more then 300 years the manufacturing of Irish linen fabric has been an important industry on the Emerald Isle, especially during the 18th and 19th centuries. 

Just about every Irish village in that time had a mill or factory that produced the country's favorite fabric.

In 1921 there were nearly 37,000 looms and a million spindles in the country, employing 70,000 people, representing a whopping 40% of Ireland's working population.

Since the early 1950's the flax used to make Irish linen has been shipped to Ireland from France and Belgium.

Once there it is spun into yarn before then passing it on to artisans who knit the product into fabrics that are used to make various clothing and textile goods.

Irish Linen Fabric: What Makes It 'Irish?'

Top of the line apparel in Ireland is proudly made of linens spun and fabricated in one of the many linen centers.

These places use various kinds of linen weaving techniques such as damask or Jacquard and each of them makes the different linens for particular purposes.

Whatever the end product is, once it is complete it will proudly wear the Linen Guild logo.

The Guild started in the late 1920's and to this day it promotes the industry by pushing its products through into the international market.

However, only products made in Ireland can bear the mark. The Guild's trademark is a source of pride for those who work in, or are close to, the linen industry in Ireland.

Irish Linen Fabric - Detailed Lace

How Can You Get Your Hands on Real Linen from Ireland?

John England is one place that you can order Irish linen fabric, and it is one of the most reputable companies in this market.

There are also several other online resources; just make sure that when you find a vendor online it carries the seal of the Linen Guild on it so that you can rest easy knowing its the real deal.

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Irish linen fabric has a historic role to play in Irish culture, and is one of many creative Irish gifts that you can explore here.

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