Christmas Limericks: Express your Irish Side on Our Favorite Holiday Occasion!

Irish Christmas limericks sum up the sense of humor and wisdom of the Irish people. This Christmas, you can use limericks to demonstrate your love of Irish heritage and to spice up the festivities. 

Memorize and share them, write them down and insert them in party favors, or choose you limericks for Christmas and have them printed on personalized greeting cards.  The choices are endless!

Christmas limericks.  Santa with reindeer and Tricolor.

Christmas Limericks:  Santa, Reindeer and Elves

Many cute limericks focus on some of the symbols of Christmas.

Do you need a limerick about Santa or his reindeer? The following collection was created just for you. Take your pick among the following examples:

An elf said to Santa: "Oh Dear,
We've not enough presents this year"
That made St. Nick think:
Now he'd given up drink
He could give all the children some beer!

There once was a young elf named Fred
Whose house was made of gingerbread.
Though tasty, these walls
Dissolved in snowfalls
And also made crumbs in Fred's bed.

Old Santa got drunk on warm ale
"I'm too old for Christmas" his wail
"But what of the toys
For the good girls and boys?"
"I'll send all the presents by mail!"

Irish Limericks about Christmas Presents

The next category of limericks focuses on Christmas gift giving. These are once again humorous, making fun of some of the most common Irish stereotypes.

If the drinking limericks about Santa are insufficient, you can enrich your collection with the following:

The North Pole is bustle and noise
As Santa and those he employs,
Prepare for the day
By loading the sleigh
With gifts for the good girls and boys.

There once was a greedy boy Paul
Who got every toy he could haul.
So much he'd consume
His house ran out of room
So Paul moved into Fair Oaks Mall.

For Christmas, it's Barbies and Kens,
And bicycles, game boys, light pens,
But Dad wrote a letter
Told Santa he'd better
Deliver a Mercedes-Benz!

Irish Limericks About the Christmas Spirit

Though many Irish Limericks are funny, a wide selection is available for those who want to show appreciation for the Christmas spirit. The following limericks come with the traditional Irish style but they are touching and emotional rather than hilarious.

If we wait, we would be remiss
In wishing good tidings for this,
Holiday of lights
And a magical night.
We wish you a merry Christmas.

The night air is crisp and combining
With planets and moon now aligning
For a wondrous sight,
It’s O Holy night
And a sky filled with stars brightly shining.

When the wind in the trees starts to blow
And you hear the leaves rustling below,
Then a chill in the air
Says it’s time to declare
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

General and Fun Christmas Limericks

Finally, here is a selection of simply fun Irish Christmas limericks. These will be suitable for any occasion and any group of individuals. You can add them to Christmas cards, present tags and your decorations. Though funny and lighthearted, Christmas limericks will help you transform your home and get ready for a wonderful holiday.

There was a farmer named Gary
Whose mule was getting contrary.
Gary painted him red,
A green hat on his head.
Sold him as a huge Christmas fairy.

There once was a woman named Bess
For whom holiday cooking meant stress.
Five puddings, ten turkeys
And a thousand beef jerkeys -
Bess did tend to cook to excess!

When Rudolph got hurt in a fight
He couldn't lead Santa that night
Too much Christmas cheer
And eggnog, and beer,
His red nose was shiny, all right!

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