Creative Irish Gifts: Share Your Favorite Irish Expressions with Others!

Here are our top creative Irish gifts ideas that offer unique perspectives on Irish culture and customs.  They will serve as a welcome reminder of the Emerald Isle for any recipient who loves Ireland as much as we do!

Irish Expressions: Creative Irish Gift. 
Breakfast Basket from

All gifts are offered through authentic providers of Irish products.  We have no financial stake in these products at all - we share them because we love them.

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Creative Irish Gift Idea #1:  Irish Breakfast Basket

Whether it's St. Patrick's Day or just a relaxing weekend morning, there are few things better than starting the day with a proper fry-up featuring Irish flavors.

An Irish breakfast basket means you can skip a trip to the grocery store and instead take a trip down memory lane, reliving your favorite meals and destinations in Ireland.  Roast some of the Irish sausages and serve with thick, delicious rashers of bacon, a slice of black pudding and a slice of white pudding.

Warm up the sweet scones and slather with Kerrygold butter and jam. Wash it down with - what else? - a warm mug of Barry's Irish tea.

Creative Irish Gift Idea #2:  Ladies Trellis Aran Sweater

Merino Aran Sweater from The Irish Store

Aran sweaters are synonymous with Irish fisherman's culture, each unique stitch representing a different part of the Aran Islands and their history.  A ladies Trellis Aran sweater is designed to be completely warm, keeping you toasty no matter what the weather.

Aran sweaters were designed to be water-repellent, and that is true to this day.  The wool stretches with you, ensuring a classic fit that is never uncomfortable.  It protects you from rain and helps regulate body temperature.

Go for the classic off-white color to stay in keeping with the traditional Aran style.

Creative Irish Gift Idea #3:  Personalized Belleek Celtic Mug

Irish Expressions:  Creative Irish Gifrs. 
Belleek Mugs from The Irish Store

When you give a gift of Irish pottery, it has to be Belleek, a company from County Fermanagh that has been crafting high-quality porcelain pieces since the 19th century.  The porcelain is typically white, thin and delicate, and its iridescent sheen marks it as a genuine Belleek piece.

Gift a pair of personalized Belleek Celtic mugs for a touch of the past that can be enjoyed every morning over a cup of tea or coffee.  It may be a throwback to the 19th century, but these Belleek mugs can handle modern environments like the dishwasher without a problem.

Creative Irish Gift Idea #4:  Diamond Wool Throw Blanket

Irish Expressions: Creative Irish Gifts.  Diamond Wool Throw Blanket from The Irish Store.

Snuggle up in front of the fire and protect against chilly days with the warmth of an Aran diamond throw.  This is the ultimate gift for that sophisticated Irish friend or family member who always keeps an immaculate house.

The throw is made from 100 percent wool, so the texture is lush and comfortable. It looks great displayed on the sofa, the bed or right on your lap, which is my personal favorite spot for it!

Creative Irish Gift Idea #5:  Celtic Cross Pendant

Trinity Knot Pendant from The Irish Store

Irish jewelry showing an ancient Celtic symbol is a powerful way to share our cherished Irish side!  A simple, sleek and elegant Trinity Knot pendant is the ideal way to show somebody important in your life, just how much you care.

Fashioned after the ancient Celtic symbol, the design represents the beauty and symmetry of eternal life.  We love the emerald inlay, and the piece is simple enough to be worn everyday if desired.