Irish Baby Boy Names:  Early, Meaningful Expressions of the Young Man's Irish Side!

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Irish Baby Boy Names: Breandan

Breandan, often changed to Brendan, Brandon or Brandan in English, has a long history in Ireland.

Many Irish saints bore the name in history, although St. Breandan the Navigator is one of the most well-known.

According to tradition, St. Breandan the Navigator, born in County Kerry, sailed off in the 6th century with several monks.

Legend tells that the group visited an island, full of birdmen, went on to ride a whale and then ended up in the Americas, becoming the first Europeans to arrive.

St. Breandan continues to be the patron saint of travelers and seafarers in Ireland.


Also spelled Cormick or Cormack, this Irish baby boy name was very popular in early Ireland and continues to be popular today.

The name comes from the old Irish word, “corbmac,” which means “the son of the charioteer.”

One of the most famous ancient Irish kings was Cormac Mac Airt, who was known for his wise and true judgments.


Deaglan, pronounced “deck+lan” is often changed to Declan in English. It comes from two old Irish words; the word dag, which means “good” and the world lan, which means “full.”

Put the two words together and the literal meaning is “full of goodness.”

St. Declan founded a monastery in County Waterford and it is thought that he may have preached to the Irish before St. Patrick ever arrived.


Often changed to Dylan in English, this Irish baby boy name is thought to come from either the word dealan, meaning a “flash of lightning,” or another Irish word meaning “loyal" or "faithful."

Often used as a surname, it has become a popular first name as well.


Finn, often spelled Fionn, means “fair of head.”

Irish folklore has made the name popular, with the character Fionn Mac Cool. He was known to be wise, handsome, brave and very generous.

Supposedly, he acquired his wisdom when he touched the “Salmon of Knowledge” and then sucked on his thumb.


The Irish baby boy name Hugh comes from a translation of a very old name, “Aodh,” which means “fire.”

Red Hugh O’Donnell and Hugh O’Neill were famous for leading a rebellion together, winning several battles against the English during the time of Queen Elizabeth 1st.


Kevin, sometimes spelled as Kevan, means “well born” or “gentle child.”

A notable man in Irish history with this name was St. Kevin, who founded a monastery in County Wicklow at Glendalough.

While he was known to be uncomfortable with humans, he very much enjoyed being around animals.

One story tells that he once dropped a psalter in a lake, which was retrieved for him by an otter.


This Irish baby boy name is a variation from the name “Ceann,” which means “intelligent.”

Quinn happens to be a common surname, especially in Northern Ireland. However, it has become quite popular as a given name as well.

Through history, the families with the last name Quinn were quartermasters to the kings of Ulster, the O’Neills.


The name Riley means “valiant and courageous.”  It is very popular both as a given name and as a surname (family name.)

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