Irish Wedding Dresses: Traditional or Modern, the Perfect Way to Celebrate Your Irish Side!

Irish wedding dresses are typically inspired by the Celts and their art and traditions. They are a perfect way to express your Irish side!

The bodices of many Celtic-style gowns are embellished with lace, delicate eyelets, or intricately embroidered silver or gold patterns.

Irish Wedding Gown.

Wedding gowns from Ireland also often feature long fluted or flowing sleeves, demure necklines and graceful, elegant trains.

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Meanwhile let's take a closer look at Irish Wedding Dresses!

Celtic Influence on Irish Wedding Dresses

Some Celtic-style wedding gowns are solid white, but others have colored bodices that add a beautiful burst of color to their white skirts and sleeves.

For an even more Celtic look, consider topping your Irish gown with a beautifully draped, embroidered cape in white or a contrasting color.

The clasp for your cape could be a stunning gold, silver or colored cloisonné Celtic knot design.

Your other accessories could include a pair of Irish Claddagh earrings, and a necklace featuring a beautifully-wrought Celtic cross.

The Most Traditional Look for an Irish Wedding Gown

In old Ireland, women wore gowns and dresses that covered most of their bodies, as they wanted to show themselves only to the men they loved.

Veils covered their heads (also for modesty), and long fluted sleeves were a sign that a dress or gown was intended for a special purpose.

Lace, eyelets and embroidered embellishments added both beauty and distinction to their dresses.

Flattering empire waists were common, although symmetrical dropped waists with a “V” shape were also seen, usually worn with a long corded belt. Wedding dresses in Ireland incorporate many of these traditions.

If You Want to Be a Bit More Daring

Consider wearing an Irish wedding dress that is blue rather than white. In ancient times, blue was the traditional symbol of purity, much like the white of today.

White only acquired that status after Anne of Brittany wore Europe’s first recorded white wedding dress in 1499.

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