Funny Irish Names Game: All You Need is an Irish Occasion and a Group of Friends!

Ok, so a funny Irish names game probably isn't really an "Irish" tradition.  But you know what?  It's fun!  So keep an open mind...

Laughing lephrechan with rainbow in the background.

Any Irish-themed occasion, whether a birthday, a dinner party, a wedding shower, a retirement gathering, a pub crawl - you name it - will get a jolt of energy from the game we are about to show you.

Have a look, and then tell us if you agree!

Creating Funny Irish Names:  Here's How You Do It

For the sake of this game, we're going to assume you already have a first name and a last name.  Or at least a name.  If you don't have a name ... well... that's a different article.

Let's move on.  The whole purpose of this game is to give each party person a hilarious Irish name for the duration of the event.

Upon entering the party place, each unsuspecting victim ... er ... guest is handed an instruction sheet.  They are given strict orders to read it and complete the assignment.

The instruction sheet looks something like this:

My "Irish" First Name

First: Match your first initial to the appropriate letter below, to find your new "Irish" first name.  Circle it.

A: Muley

B: Boggy

C: Shorty

D: Singy

E: Fighty

F: Beery

G: Quayboy

H: Red

I: Freckles

J: Stewie

K: Castawands

L: Burrenhead

M: Rainbow

N: Pixie

O: Cloddy

P: Pony

Q: Wolfhound

R: Shamrock

S: DannyBoy

T: Tatey

U: Pounder

V: Riding

W: Roarin'

X: Spuds

Y: Ditty

Z: Sweaters

Laughing Leprechan with pipe in mouth and white background.

My "Irish" Last Name

Next: Match your last initial to the appropriate letter below, to find your new "Irish" last name.  Circle that!

A: Footswoggle

B: O'Reiling

C: McBlasted

D: O'Wooley

E: Horsehoof

F: O'Potgold

G: Whiskeyglass

H: McSheepskin

I: McTwisty

J: O'Barstool

K: McClovers

L: McPubcrawl

M: Cowfield

N: O'Bottles

O: McFairyland

P: Peetbog

Q: McGreeny

R: O'Freckles

S: McAles

T: O'Rivershoals

U: O'Liffy

V: McShaggy

W: Cliffsites

X: O'Pubtown

Y: McBarstool

Z: McWalkingstic

FUNNY!  Now What?

Well truly, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.  Be creative! 

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Have them write their new name on a name-tag, and wear it during the event.  Only use funny Irish names for the duration...
  • Raffle off a funny Irish item by submitting tickets with their "Irish" names written on them...
  • Have a contest to determine the funniest name in the group...

Can you think of other approaches!  Tell us about them!

So - What is Your Funny Irish Name?

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That's it For Our Funny Irish Names Game. 
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