Glenarm Castle Trivia:  5 Fun Things to Know About this Lovely Irish Landmark

Our first bit of Glenarm Castle trivia is: it is a Northern Irish landmark in County Antrim, Ulster Province.  Like every Irish castle, this wonderful structure gives us hints of Ireland's colorful past.

Irish Expressions - Glenarm Castle.

If you're not opposed to driving across an international border and making your way to Northern Ireland, you can easily get to the Castle from Dublin Airport in just over two hours.

The M1 leads you north out of Dublin and across the border to Belfast, and the M2 veers west to bring you to Glenarm Castle.    

Glenarm Castle Trivia:  Things to Know

Here is our full list of Glenarm Castle trivia.  Hopefully it will entice you to pay a visit in person!  But if that is not possible, you can always use them to impress your friends with your knowledge of one of the most-visited attractions in Ireland.

  • For a stunning, glamorous castle with plenty to do, see and explore, be sure to visit Glenarm Castle in County Antrim.
  • This is the ancestral home of the Earls of Antrim, and the current castle there has been in place since the 17th century.
  • Its walled gardens are one of the biggest attractions in the county, and there are restaurants and souvenirs shops on site.

  • During the summer, events like the Highland Games and major festivals take place on the castle's grounds.
  • The earliest evidence of a castle at Glenarm comes from 1270. There is written evidence that at that point in time, there was a castle that was being rented out to a Robert Bisset. 
  • By the 17th century, Glenarm was being settled en masse by people from England and Scotland. This was encouraged, as it was believed that protestants would be less likely to rebel against British Rule.
  • A new Castle was built during this period of settlement. It was built opposite the river from the first castle, and you could see one from the other.
  • Many castles from this time period are now in ruin, largely because of neglect and poverty during the 19th century. While much of Ireland was struggling with famine in the middle of the 1800s, Glenarm fared much better. 
  • The castle is still the family home of the McDonnells, who first built the castle back in 1636. 
  • While it is a private residence, much of the estate is open to the public. Between May and September of each year, there are a number of events and tours available.
  • The Walled Garden is open for half the year, and it is a wonderful place to explore on foot. You can admire the decorative apple trees, climb to the top of the Mount for excellent views, spot sculptures dotted around the garden and stroll through the Yew Circle, which dates back to the 1820s.
  • If you've worked up an appetite, stop by the Tea Room & Byre Shop. You can shop for souvenirs, or you can sit and enjoy a traditional cream team with a view of the castle.
  • If you'd like to embrace some local culture, the Castle hosts Ulster Scots events in the summer. This is a wonderful chance to get to know locals in a beautiful setting.
  • You might recognize the castle from the 2009 film Five Minutes of Heaven. Glenarm Castle was used as a major filming location

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