Irish Pet Names: Help Your Faithful Companion Express Their Own Irish Side!

Looking to show your Irish side with your beloved family pet? Irish pet names are a creative and endearing way to do just that!

And truth be told, there really isn’t much difference between a good Irish name for a human and the one you might choose for a beloved pet companion…

So Why Read Our Short List of Pet Names from Ireland?

Because they have been voted on and represent the best of the best (each one receiving AT LEAST the coveted four-star rating according to, you guessed it...)

Favorite Irish Pet Names for Males

As with human names, we are often attracted to pet names for their historical or mythical meanings.

  • Coyle: a personal favorite, the meaning of this classic Irish name is ‘leader in battle.’ We once had a pet goose (gander) we named Coyle. Mean. But a great watchdog … er… watchgoose.
  • Douglas: according to, the meaning is ‘dark stranger’ (we didn’t know that!) We have never had a pet named Douglas, but it got a whopping 4.3 out of 5 on the petnames scale.
  • Keannen: a good omen for any young pet, the name Keannen means ‘ancient one.’ Live long and prosper.
  • Kelsea: we had to do a little research on this one. There are so many variations of it, with so many potential meanings, we finally just decided – who cares, it’s a cool name. According to it is a male name but we have seen it applied to both genders.
  • Kevra: if you want your male pet’s name to mean ‘beautiful,’ or ‘handsome,’ this is the one. 4.2 out of 5. And while it is supposedly a male name, we think it would work very well for a female pet as well.

Irish setter.  Dana.  Courtesy of Victor Sounds.

Favorite Irish Pet Names for Females...

  • Caitlinn: a variation of Catherine or Katherine, the basic meaning of the name is ‘pure’ (we personally haven’t met many pets – or humans for that matter – who meet THAT standard, but we love the name)
  • Keiki: this beautiful Irish name means ‘child,’ – a great name for pets (and their humans) of all ages!
  • Kira: another lovely Irish name for a female pet, this one means ‘sun,’ or ‘sunshine.’
  • Maggie: sorry. Even though had this listed as a male name, we’re going to go out on a limb and say … female. Derivation of Margaret. One of several possible meanings: the pearl.
  • Vevina: sweet lady. Derivations include Vivian, Viv and Vivianna.

Want to Know More About Irish Pet Names?

Giving an Irish name to that special companion in your life is a lasting and meaningful way to express your Irish side!

And by the way, as I mentioned before, there is no rule that says any particular name has to be a human name, vs. a pet name!  With that in mind, you might want to check out our full section on Irish names here.

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