Irish Wedding Bands:  An Enduring Expression of Your Love for Irish Traditions

Irish wedding bands are the perfect expression of your love for Ireland (and for each other!) on one of life's most important occasions.  The fine craftsmanship and beautiful Celtic designs of Irish jewelry means these wedding bands hold a timeless, classic appeal.

Irish wedding bands.  Celtic knot design.

Wedding rings from Ireland traditionally use one of two main design themes: Celtic knot designs or the Claddagh design.

Irish Wedding Bands: The Celtic Knot Design

These designs typically feature interlaced, interwoven or “knotted” stylized patterns.

Because the patterns have no end and instead circle back on each other, Irish rings with Celtic knot designs perfectly represent the enduring nature of marriage.

Most Irish rings with a Celtic knot motif are made from yellow or white gold.  They can be even more beautiful when they’re made in a cloisonné style, with colored gems or crystals embedded inside and surrounded by the intricacies of the knot-work.

The Claddagh Design

Irish wedding bands.  Claddagh design.

Many wedding bands feature the Claddagh design – a heart being held by two hands, with a crown atop the heart.

The heart symbolizes love, while the hands signify abiding friendship. The crown represents faithfulness, fidelity, loyalty and trust.

A Claddagh ring is generally made of sterling silver or white or yellow gold. If you want to personalize your Claddagh wedding rings, you can have them made with your birthstones set inside the rings’ hearts.

For much more information on the Claddagh design, check out our article on the Claddagh Ring Story here!.

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