St Patricks Day Kids Crafts:  Ok, Fine... They're Not Just For Kids!

St Patricks Day kids crafts are a great way to teach young lads and lasses - and older ones for that matter! - how to express their Irish side.  Not only is it fun to watch their imaginations at work, it's an opportunity to share the fascinating story of Saint Patrick and his importance in Irish history.

St Patricks Day Kids Crafts - Hand Print Rainbow from Activity Village

Here are a few of our favorite St Paddy's Day crafts for kids.  If this should spark your interest in Irish customs and traditions in general, please pay a visit to our Irish trivia and traditions section here... 

Meanwhile, let's have a look at some of our favorite St Patricks Day Kids Crafts!

St Patricks Day Kids Crafts: A Hand-print Rainbow

Rainbows are often associated with St. Patrick’s Day, along with leprechauns, pots of gold and shamrocks.  This hand-print rainbow is so much fun for kids to make. They’ll love all the colors and the finished rainbows look fabulous.

Materials Needed

  • Large piece of thick white paper
  • Glue
  • Construction paper in rainbow colors


Have kids trace their hands on construction paper and cut out the handprints. Make sure you have handprints cut out in red, orange yellow, green, blue, indigo (or dark purple) and violet (light purple works).

On the thick white paper, start with the red handprints, arranging them in a large arch, making the top, largest arch of the rainbow.

Glue them down. Next, add the orange handprints, arranging them so they overlap the red handprints. Glue them.

Continue gluing on handprints of each color in smaller and smaller arches until the rainbow is complete.

St Patricks Day Kids Crafts: A Leprechaun Hat Planter

St Patricks Day Kids Crafts - Leprechan Hat Planter from The Posh Pixie

Combining the look of a leprechaun hat and a fun plant, kids will enjoy creating this planter that they can continue to enjoy for months.

Smaller kids may need a bit of help with this project.

Materials Needed

  • Plastic green planters (about 3-inch)
  • Black ribbon
  • Small plant
  • Yellow craft foam
  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue
  • Extra potting soil

If you want, you can start by letting your child choose their own small plant for the project. The green planter will be the Leprechaun hat.

Take 1-inch square of the yellow craft foam. Fold it in half, snipping two cuts over the fold, but only cut the snips about halfway.

Now, take the black ribbon and thread the it through the slits you have cut in the yellow craft foam. This will be the buckle for the hat.

Glue ribbon and buckle around the planter to look like a belt around a hat.

Plant the small plant in the planter. Add extra potting soil if needed.

As a fun variation, consider planting shamrock seeds, which you can find on the Internet.  Sometimes the seeds come in a kit with genuine potting soil from Ireland!

St Patricks Day Kids Crafts: A Shamrock Placemat

St Patricks Day Kids Crafts - Shamrock Placemat from Potlucks On The Porch

Let kids make these fun placemats, and then they can use them for dinner on St. Patrick’s Day!

Materials Needed

  • Shamrock template
  • Two pieces of scrapbook paper (for every placemat)
  • Black permanent marker
  • Green construction paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Sheets for laminating


Choose simple scrapbook paper to be the background of the placemat. One piece will be the front of the placemat and one sheet will be the back.

This way you can flip it over and enjoy using both sides.

On the green construction paper, use a shamrock template to trace a shamrock with a pencil. Use the black marker to trace over the pencil so it will stand out.

In the middle, write the child’s name. Cut out the shamrock.

Use double-sided tape to attach the shamrock to the scrapbook paper. Use the double-sided tape to attach the other piece of scrapbook paper on the back, ensuring that the edges match up.

Use laminating sheets to laminate the placemat on both sides.

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