Ireland Culture and Customs: Live Your Irish Side Through Lovely Irish Traditions!

In a sense, this entire site is about Ireland culture and customs. Or more exactly, it's about bringing the culture of Ireland into your daily life, wherever you are in the world.  We like to call that expressing your Irish side.  'How can I do more of that' you may ask?  Read on!

Irish Sayings - What's the Craic?

Ireland Culture and Customs Tip #1:  Use Irish Sayings!

One of the best ways to understand Irish culture is to understand the wit and wisdom of her people.  Express your own Irish wit through greeting cards, pub toasts, dinner blessings - the opportunities are endless!

Irish sayings, proverbs, jokes, toasts, quotes, slang, blessings... you will find them all here!

Tip #2: Share Irish Limericks

Irish Limerick Poems - Laughing Leprechan!

While probably not invented in Ireland, these simple, catchy, often bawdy little poems became a staple of the Irish pub scene, and many are famous around the world.

Easy to write, fun to share, they are a great way to express your Irish side!

Find many different examples, and even learn how to write your own limericks on our limerick poems page!

Tip #3:  Play Irish Music

Irish Music - Celtic Woman.

Irish music includes a fascinating blend of upbeat, joyful, drinking songs and the sorrowful folk songs about war and famine, and everything in between.   We love to play Irish music during holiday parties, and to sing along at the many Irish pubs in our area.

Visit our section on Irish music to learn much more about this special expression of the culture of Ireland.

Tip #4:  Serve Irish Food!

Irish Food Recipes - Shepherds Pie

Traditional Irish food Irish food is hearty and filling, full of meat, vegetables, bread and potatoes. One way to bring Irish food into your life is to visit your local Irish pub (they seem to be everywhere!) 

Another way is to visit Irish Recipes for delicious expressions of this essential part of our cherished Ireland culture.

Tip #5:  Display Irish Symbols and Images

Irish Symbols - Celtic Cross

Ancient Irish / Celtic symbols are some of the most distinct and deeply meaningful signs of our Irish heritage.  Some of the more recognizable include the Celtic Cross, the Irish Knot (Celtic Knot), the Shamrock, the Celtic Harp, the Claddagh, and many, many more.

These symbols and many other images of Ireland have historical, sometimes religious significance to those of us who love Ireland culture and customs.

Want to explore how to use Irish symbols to express your Irish side?  Have a look at our section on Irish Symbols.

Tip #6:  Wear Irish Clothing

Traditional Irish Clothing - Wool Tweed Cap

Could there be a more confident and personal way to express your Irish side than wearing Irish clothing?  We agree!

From the traditional Leine to the modern Brogue shoe, Aran sweater or tweed cap, our section on Irish clothing is sure to give you ideas.

For creative ideas on using clothing to express your Irish side, wherever you are in the world, visit our section on traditional Irish clothing.

Tip #7:  Celebrate Irish Holidays

Irish Holidays - Christmas in Dublin

Bringing Ireland culture and customs into your holiday celebrations is a fun and rewarding way to express your Irish side.  We enjoy Irish celebrations of Christmas, St Patricks Day, Easter, Halloween and New Years Day, just to name a few!

For more information and ideas, we invite you to browse our section on Irish holidays.

Tip #8:  Play (or Watch) Irish Sports!

Irish Sports - Hurling

My family has always been athletic, but our journey to discover our Irish sides has opened us up to a whole new world of sport!  We now understand (and truthfully, have come to love) soccer and rugby like never before, and we have just begun to understand Ireland's passion for Gaelic Football and Hurling.

Visit us at Irish Sports to get an overview of this fascinating part of Ireland culture.

Tip #9:  Enjoy Irish Movies!

Irish Themed Movies - Brooklyn

Seeking out movies that tell Irish stories is another way we have come to express our Irish sides.  If you have not seen Brooklyn, make sure you check out that highly acclaimed and oscar-nominated movie, you will not be disappointed.

In addition, there are many great films that tell stories about Ireland, and still others written and / or directed by Irish talent.

Learn much more in our section on Irish-Themed Movies!

Tip #10: Be Amazed by Irish Dance

Irish Dance - Step Dance

From the iconic Irish jig to the acrobatic displays of Riverdance, there is no mistaking the importance of dance in Ireland culture.  Our section on Irish dance history will step you through the different types and styles, with interesting facts about each.

It will also show you how to make Irish dance a part of your day to day Irish expressions.

Visit our Irish dance pages here!

Tip #11:  Master Irish Facts and Folklore!

Irish Trivia - Kissing the Blarney Stone

As we learn more and more about our beloved Ireland culture, we sometimes try to stump each other with our knowledge of Irish trivia.  In fact, we have begun to design Irish trivia games to entertain our guests on St Patricks Day!

Our section on Irish trivia will share key moments in Irish history, interesting and fun facts about the country, beloved Irish folklore and legends, little-known Irish customs and traditions - and more!

Tip #12:  Bestow an Irish Name

Irish names - Shamrock Baby

Bestowing an Irish name on your new baby, or new pet, or favorite toy, is a very personal and enduring way to express your Irish side (and theirs!). Many Irish names have rich meanings and historical importance. 

For more information on Irish baby boy names, baby girl names, pet names and more, visit our entertaining section on Irish names!

Want More Irish Traditions?

It is probably obvious - at Irish Expressions, we love Irish traditions!  Expressing ourselves through Irish-themed activities gives us a deeper sense of connection with Ireland, wherever in the world we happen to be!

Over the years, we have created many free, downloadable Irish games, puzzles, recipes, songbooks, travel guides, party plans, and much, much more.

These are immediately available to you - completely free of charge.

Just scroll to the bottom of the page and share your email address to get instant access!

Ireland Culture:  What's Next?

At Irish Expressions, our our goal is simple: to provide you with a unique Irish experience, on demand, wherever you are in the world.

If you have enjoyed our section on fun Irish trivia and customs, you have probably been exposed to many of the most exciting traditions that Ireland has to offer!

Will that entice you to visit Ireland - or to return if you have already been? 

We hope so!  

But even if that is not possible, you can still enjoy the magic of Ireland in these pages.  Check out the links at the top of the page for simple instructions on how to explore Irish landmarks, sing Irish songs, enjoy Irish food, and much more!