Irish Baby Gifts:  Wee Ones Have Irish Sides Too! Find The Cutest Gift Ideas Here!

If your idea of cute Irish baby gifts includes a sippy cup of Guinness Stout, you really, really need to keep reading! The perfect (and age-appropriate) gift idea awaits!

Showering little lads and lasses with Irish-themed gifts is a very thoughtful way to express one's Irish side.

Shamrock teddy bear.  Image by Aunt Owwee.

And while shamrock-adorned bibs and binkies, booties and blankies will always be at the top of baby's Irish gift list, there are many more Irish-themed gift ideas to choose from.

Shopping for baby gifts (especially the Irish kind) is fun! And one of the best ways to help the youngster express his or her Irish side is through the clothes they wear.

You'll find our personal favorites below.

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The Irish Baby Gift:  A Few Great Ideas

Irish Baby Gifts - Aran Sweater, Image Property of

Aran knit sweaters and cardigans can help keep baby warm during chilly outdoor occasions...

Irish baby mugs are often made with Belleek china, one of the materials used for traditional Irish handcrafts...

Irish Baby Gifts - Belleek Baby Mug, Image Property of
Irish Baby Gifts - Baby Keepsake Box, Image Property of

Baby Irish keepsake boxes, holding baby's first curl or first tooth can be made of pewter or Belleek china...

An Aran Wool teddy bear (or other stuffed plaything) is an Irish variation on a classic baby gift...

Irish Baby Gifts - Aran Wool Teddy Bear, Image Property of
Irish Baby Gifts - Irish Bib, Image Property of

An Irish-themed bib will display baby's passion for the Emerald Isle as she chugs down her pureed corned beef and cabbage. (Ok maybe that was a bit much.)

An Irish good luck blessing plague can be hung on the wall over the newborn's crib, bestowing the luck of the Irish...

Irish Baby Gifts - Baby Blessing Wall Plaque, Image Property of
Irish Baby Gifts - Saint Figurine, Image Property of

Consider an Irish saint figurine - perhaps one the child is named after....

A woolen or Irish linen baby blanket is a thoughtful way to ensure the little one is warm and secure...

Irish Baby Gifts - Baby Woolen Blanket, Image Property of

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